Apple Smartwatch Saves The Life Of A New York Cyclist

The Apple Watch’s fall detection feature turned out to be a lifesaver for a New York cyclist. The Apple smartwatch in a...

Apple Smartwatch

The Apple Watch’s fall detection feature turned out to be a lifesaver for a New York cyclist. The Apple smartwatch in a recent crash was able to call for timely medical assistance.

Smart watches have become trending quite recently becoming one of the highest-tech gadgets sold in recent years. These tiny time-showing pieces do more than just show time. A smartwatch in today’s time is capable of picking up calls, checking notifications, scanning heart rate and so much more. With so much built the device holds great value and is a good choice for modern purchase.

There are many brands to pick from when it comes to smartwatches like these, but the only smartwatch that stands out is the Apple watch. The Apple watch’s potential is often underestimated. The Apple smartwatch holds similar functions and features to the other brands in its competition. Although, what makes it unique is its built quality and the tech inside of it. The watch is better optimized and has a better display when compared to other brands.

Apple Watch Saves Lives

In a quite recent event, a New York bicyclist met with a crash. Even though the situation turned out to be a panic, the Apple smartwatch dialed 911 as an emergency help. The smartwatch also sent an alert to all the close contacts. This resulted in the person receiving quick medical assistance. This was all possible because of Apple’s fall detection feature.

Apple Smart Watch

Apple is known for its unique software technology and user experience. Similar work can be seen in the Apple Vision Pro. But the Apple watch takes the experience to a personal level of concern. Think about it how kind it is for Apple to have your back if something happens to you suddenly.

Ways to use your Apple Smartwatch

Having a smartwatch can boost your productivity, especially if you are a fitness freak. The watch can be used to track progress, set reminders and alerts, and pick up calls. Although owning an Apple Watch has its benefits. The smartwatch can be connected to the Apple ecosystem and eventually all your reminders, updates, calls, contacts, notifications, etc can be updated on your watch in the blink of an eye.

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