The Rabbit R1: Funkiest AI Gadget To Exist?

Rabbit is out with their new AI gadget the Rabbit R1. The device has already made headlines for being accessible and fun....

The Rabbit R1

Rabbit is out with their new AI gadget the Rabbit R1. The device has already made headlines for being accessible and fun.

If you had not been living under the rock, you must be aware of the Rabbit R1. The tech company expertising in AI gadgets unveiled its newest gadget R1 last January. The device since had been under much excitement. The Rabbit R1 is a small AI gadget with a small screen that looks almost similar to a Nintendo gaming console. The device is an AI companion without any sort of application. The device includes a camera, a talkback microphone, and a speaker. It works like an AI assistant, you can ask questions to it and it’ll answer them for you.

The Rabbit R1 is up to date and is very informative with its responses. The responses of the device make it one of the finest AI gadgets out there. Many people have compared the device with the Humane AI Pin and called out R1 to be more fun, accessible, and amazing.

The Voice-Based Interface And The Camera

The feature that makes the Rabbit R1 a unique AI companion is its voice-based interface. The voice-based interface gives the users an experience of interaction with technology in real-time. The device is also quite fast with its responses which makes it more fun to use. The voice-based interface unlike the Google Assistant or Alexa doesn’t take much time to load results or to talk back its responses. This makes users feel as if they’re talking to someone in real time.

The camera on the device works similarly to that on Google Lens. The device scans whatever is in front of its lens and on asked to describe the scene or item, it can provide a well-described response.

What With The Rabbit R1 This Summer?

On April 23rd Rabbit organized a launch party reserved for the press and early adopters who managed to secure an RSVP.

The launch party was about 1 to 2 hours long. Although it was worth the wait leading to lots of announcements from the company. The Rabbit R1 will be available for $199 with specifications :

  • 2.88-inch touchscreen
  • 360-degree rotating camera
  • 2.3GHz MediaTek processor
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 128GB of storage
  • Speaker (on the back)
  • SIM card slot (for a 4G LTE connection)
  • All-day battery life (reportedly) via USB-C charging
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  1. Very cute device. However I will pass till new versions come out with other features this is missing and the improved battery life. Good Article By the way.

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