Apple Plans to Use Generative AI Features on iPhone

Apple and Google are in talks to introduce Google’s artificial intelligence model Gemini into the iPhone. The new Gemini-powered features could be...

Generative AI

Apple and Google are in talks to introduce Google’s artificial intelligence model Gemini into the iPhone. The new Gemini-powered features could be introduced to iPhones this year. Apple had also thought about using OpenAI’s model and recently held discussions with the ChatGPT maker. The AI would function with features like generative AI.

Generative AI

Generative AI or generative artificial intelligence refers to the usage of AI to create content, like text, images, music, audio, and videos. It is powered by foundation models (large AI models) that can multi-task and perform out-of-the-box tasks, including summarization, Q&A, classification, and more. Plus, with minimal training required, foundation models can adapt to targets with very little example data.

In the past, AI was used to understand and recommend information. Now, generative AI can also help us create new content, like images, music, and code.

Google Gemini

Google Gemini is Google’s latest AI model and application. It was launched in March 2023, it includes previous AI projects like Bard and Duet. The Gemini can understand and work with various data types like text, code, audio, images, and video. It comes in different sizes from Gemini Ultra for complex tasks to the efficient, Gemini Nano for mobile devices. With features such as generating images, Google Gemini represents a significant step forward in AI. Gemini aims to be a versatile and powerful tool for developers and users alike.

Inaccurate Results

Quite recently Gemini was criticized for inaccurate results. With users calling it “Woke”. It later became a big issue, such that the CEO, Sundar Pichai came into the picture and addressed the whole situation. Google paused the image generation on Gemini as of February with promises of improvement on the AI.

Generative AI in Apple

CEO Tim Cook has already confirmed that Apple is spending “a tremendous amount of time and effort” on artificial intelligence features. Apple plans to release them to its customers “later this year.”  Apple’s models could power on-device generative AI with iOS 18, releasing later this year, while cloud-based AI features like text- and image-generation could come via partnerships with the likes of Google.

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  2. Wow, this is truly groundbreaking news! Integrating generative AI features into iPhones could revolutionize user experiences and open up a world of creative possibilities. It’s exciting to see Apple’s continued innovation in harnessing AI technology to enhance their products. Can’t wait to see how this unfolds and the new capabilities it brings to iPhone users. Thanks for sharing this exciting update!

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