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Apple’s AirPods Only Work On The iPhone- Is It Truth Or Not?

Apple Airpods are simpatico to more devices other than only Apple. When Apple launched the iPhone 7 series, they removed the headphone...

Air pods only work on iPhone

Apple Airpods are simpatico to more devices other than only Apple. When Apple launched the iPhone 7 series, they removed the headphone jack from devices, and they make it up with Airpods. These are wireless headphones. Many of the critics criticized this move by Apple, saying it was typical. Replacing a comprehensive technology that it doesn’t control with one that is exclusive to its products. We will learn about Airpods only work on the iPhone or not in this article.

But those critics were in no way absolutely right. The Airpods may purvey exceptional keystone when attached to the iPhone 7 devices or up, that doesn’t mean that the Airpods only work on the iPhone.

Maneuvering Bluetooth For The AirPods To Work Only On iPhone

The Company doesn’t go out of its way to underline this about the Airpods. Additionally, it is essential to acknowledge: Utilising Bluetooth the Airpods are able to couple with other devices. No tenure Apple technology chunk other devices to establish a connection with Airpods.

Any device that uses a Bluetooth headphone system can be connected to the Airpods as it makes use of a standard Bluetooth connection. Devices like Android phones, Mac books, and contrivances, etc. can be fetter to the Airpods.

What About The W1 Chip?

Devices such as iPhone 7 and upper models consist of a special W1 chip. This chip is only valid for iPhones. The W1 chip doesn’t communicate the way Airpods communicate with the iPhone.Therefore, it makes them work efficiently as compared to normal devices.

Establishing a connection with a Bluetooth device using your iPhone naturally with cellular earpieces in pairing mode. You have to put a passcode sometimes to connect with the Bluetooth device. All you need to do is, open the box containing the Airpods and connect it with a compatible iPhone in the range, and they will connect to it instinctively. It is all because of the W1 chip as it removes all the irritating and unessential factors of Bluetooth pairing.

According to Apple, the W1 chip is also helpful in the battery resistance of the AirPods, enabling them to run for five hours after complete charging.

Do AirPods Work For Everyone Accordingly To Prove AirPods Work Only On iPhone?

They are compatible with all the devices supporting Bluetooth functionality. Nevertheless, it doesn’t work on all the devices the same way. There is clear-cut superiority of Air Pods to utilize them with Apple products. Additional advantages include:

  • Access To Siri: This is a feature that is not available on other devices except Apple products. By double-clicking the AirPods you can enable Access To Siri.
  • Super-Simple Partnering: Super-Simple Partnering or Pairing supports only iPhone 7 and above models. Conversely, it is compatible to pair with any device capable of Bluetooth pairing, but sometimes the users have to face complications like Buggy Pairing Process.
  • iCloud Matching and Other Smart Attributes: It is the coolest of all the other characteristics. All you have to do is to pair the AirPods with your Apple device for once. The next time you connect you don’t have to do the same thing as it will automatically connect exactly the same Apple Id by way of iCloud. As we all know iCloud does not support Android devices. They support smart features like smart touches. It automatically senses when it is in your ears and when you remove them they drop down the background music. It is also possible to listen to music when one of them is in your ear and the other one is in the case. This is a feature available with Apple devices only.

Wrap Up

Wrapping up the article, I hope it is helpful and informative to you giving you an idea of how AirPods support not only Apple devices but also the devices compatible with Bluetooth support systems. Naturally, the use of Airpods with Apple devices gives them an advantage by enabling smart features available only on the Apple devices. Subsequently, if you face any problem in pairing the AirPods with your devices feel free to share your valuable feedback in the comments section below and we will try to help you out with the same.


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