Apple WWDC 2024 Event Rumors – iOS 18 Updated with AI-Driven Features, Advanced Siri & More

In a few days, Apple CEO Time Cook will come to the stage and announce the company’s AI technique at what might...

apple wwdc 2024 event

In a few days, Apple CEO Time Cook will come to the stage and announce the company’s AI technique at what might be the biggest WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) in a decade. A few big names Microsoft, OpebAI, and Google, have hosted events in the past few weeks where AI headlined the key announcements.

It is a time for Apple to make important generative AI launches and share the updates. It has made to keep up on the Apple WWDC 2024 event; with its competitor in large tech.

Voice Memo Transcription

Now Apple has been working on taking an AI-powered transcription facility to voice Memos. It supports the application of mechanically transferring audio to text. It will be helpful to journalism and students. Pixel phones can record voice notes using an AI called recorder app.

advanced siri

While Siri has been around since iOS 5 in 2011, the voice supporter has not modified mainly over the years. This, may updated with iOS 18, which will begin an advanced Siri by using Gen AI technology. Based on the iPhone’s personal language models, just suppose Siri has advanced natural-sounding connections. It helps the voice assistant react to easy voice commands for more difficult tasks. If that happens, Siri will at last transition to the more smart voice assistant that’s helpful in day-to-day life.


Possibly, the show-up features of iOS 18 could be a new method to create emojis by using AI. The next update of iOS 18 might launch users to something called “custom emojis”. Just place the feature works completely based on what consumers are texting. It means that the AI will do great work in the background, and you can also get a new one. To be clear, it would increase the catalogue options that Apple newly launched on the iPhone at the WWDC event.

Generative AI Enhancement Coming to Apple’s Core Apps

Apart from advanced Siri and the Voice Memo apps upgrading an AI-supported transcription features. It is available on the iPhone with Safari, Notes, and Photos on the Apple WWDC 2024 event. For instance, the Notes application will update the ability to record and transcribe audio features. Also, it is the same as generative AI-powered summaries.

For now, the Photos app will increase the rest of the features that Google recently offers, like Magic Editor. Modifications are also coming to Safari that may have updated web searches. Apple is also working on advanced recaps of missed notifications, personal messages, documents, web pages, notes, new articles, and more.

The home screen on the iPhone has remained hugely the same. And, Apple has made it more modified for Apple device users. In particular, iOS 18 will help users alter the color of application icons. For example, a user can make all the finance apps have a blue color. All the social networking apps are green.

On-Device AI V/S Cloud – Apple WWDC 2024 Event

Some applications and features upgrading to iOS 18 will be powered by Gen AI. For that, Apple has large language models (LLMs) that charge the generative AI features by running them in the background. The On-device AI approach that Apple is making a bet on comes with many benefits. It includes faster response times and better privacy since the data does not have to be passed on to the cloud.

However, this upgrade may also make Apple’s AI apps less compatible with tasks such as charging a chatbot or features. In that case, Apple may team up with OpenAI or Google to use their proficiency for being updated. And other “i” machine technology at the Apple WWDC 2024 event.

iOS 18 AI Features may be labeled as “Beta Preview” by Apple

Unlike Google, and Microsoft, which regularly announce new AI features. Apple may take an update on how it is needed to launch AI-powered features at the Apple WWDC 2024 event. With the new crush of Google’s AI search apps having a trend to create fabrications and flubs. Apple may be supposed to take it slowly and utilize beta labels wisely.

Meanwhile, Gen AI features Apple plans to reveal at WWDC next month where it will come as a “beta preview”. Another point is that AI cannot be trustworthy.

Apple’s Upcoming AI Features will not Support all iOS

Maybe the main issue is whether Apple will come with new AI features for all iPhones. Apple’s new features are not suitable for the old iPhones. Well, that’s not going to occur. On-device AI may only be useful for new Apple versions like the one or two gen of iPad, iPhone, etc.

However what about those who yet using the iPhone 12 or iPhone 13? For now, it is safe to expect those apps will not get the AI features at the Apple WWDC 2024. But, Apple may try to get its marquee AI features to previous devices with the help of the cloud.

When is the Apple WWDC 2024 Event?

Apple will most likely keep informed about updates on its long-anticipated AI roadmap. It will be launching its early WWDC online from June 10 to June 14. Apple often reveals new updates and features for its OS (operating system) across devices. It includes iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and more. Time Cook has already pointed out that Apple is “well placed” in the gen AI space. And he assumes that AI can get “big chances across our products”.

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