Instagram Presents Live Broadcasts Exclusively for Close Friends

Instagram Presents Live Broadcasts Exclusively for Close Friends

Instagram is rolling out the ability to hold live broadcasts just for Close Friends. This new feature is now available globally. 

Instagram users can now host Live broadcasts to a curated list of followers. The new ‘Close Friends on Live’ feature allows up to three other accounts to join the original user in a Live broadcast. 

When Instagram first released Live broadcasts, any follower from the broadcaster’s list could join and watch the Live. Furthermore, if the user’s account was public, people who did not follow the broadcaster’s account could join and watch. 

Instagram says the new feature can be used to share thoughts, catch up with friends, perform tasks together and more. 

This new feature allows users control over who can see their broadcasts thus indicating Instagram’s push towards creating more private and curated connections on its platform. 

How Instagram is Creating a Curated Environment?

In November 2023, Instagram allowed users the option to make posts in their posts on their grid visible only to close friends. This meant only a selected bunch could view a user’s posts rather than the user’s full follower list. Users could also post Stories and Notes with only the users on their close friends list. 

To apply the close friends feature to posts and Reels, select the Audience option that appears as a post is about to be shared. Then the Close Friends>Done option has to be tapped after which, posts can be shared as usual. Only close friends will see the user’s photo, video, or Reel posted. A green star icon on the post indicates that it was shared only with close friends.

Instagram’s decision to release the Close Friends feature in 2018 has made the app more curated by allowing users more tools for private sharing.


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