The most recent Instagram app update, the Threads app, includes 6 new features.

The most recent Instagram app update, the Threads app, includes 6 new features.

Discover brand-new features in the most recent version of the Threads app, such as a list of your favorites, support for rel=me, and image alt text.

The Threads app, a tool created to encourage more text-based conversations, received significant upgrades, according to Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram. The newest upgrades appear to be geared toward improving user interaction and functionality.

Send Thread Posts As Direct Instagram Messages

Users can now share threads by selecting “Send on Instagram” in Instagram Direct Messages.

Observe Your Favourites in the Threads app

All liked threads can now be viewed in a completely new way. Users can view all of the recent Threads postings they have liked by going to their profile settings and selecting the Your Likes option.

List of Accounts You Follow by Sorting

Additionally, the option to sort the accounts you follow by newest or earliest activity adds. Users can sort the Threasd accounts by the most recent or the earliest account that has followed them by tapping the number of accounts that are following them on their profile and selecting the following tab.

For images, add ALT text

With a focus on accessibility, it is now able to add unique alt-text to pictures and movies.

Identity Verification Rel=me Support

Rel=me connections are now supported by Threads, seemingly in support of decentralized social networks, allowing users to authenticate their identities on websites like Mastodon.

An Updated Mentions Button

Additionally, Mark Zuckerberg announced a brand-new mention button on Threads profiles. That lets users mention other users in fresh Threads posts. Alternatively, users can enter the @ sign while composing a new Meta Update on Threads post to receive suggestions.

The improvements to Instagram’s Threads app are part of a larger strategy. To improve user experience and give users greater control over the material. This development is significant because it provides brand owners and business owners. With new chances for interaction, personalization, and identity verification.


Instagram Threads aims to become a friendly platform avoiding news and politics.

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