iOS 16 Adoption Rate Reaches 81% Ahead of iOS 17 Announcement

At WWDC 2023, Apple will soon announce the latest update of iOS 17, and just a few days left for the event....

At WWDC 2023, Apple will soon announce the latest update of iOS 17, and just a few days left for the event.

Meanwhile, Apple recently shared a report showing the iOS16 adoption rate reached 81% adoption rate, which shows that most iPhone devices are now running on the latest version.

iOS16 Adoption Rate Reached 81%

As per the Apple Developer Website report, iOS 16 adoption rate has reached 81%, 13% of devices are running on iOS 15, and 6% are running over older versions.

Also, iPadOS 16 runs on 71% of iPads, and only 20% runs on iPadOS 15.

ios 16 adoption rate

The reason behind such rapid adoption of iOS 16 is the frequent updates, better performance, and smart screen compared to iOS 15, which still gets security patches.

Additionally, Apple continuously rolled out better improvements and new features at the time of iOS 16, such as the ability to unlock an iPhone while wearing a mask and the advanced data protection feature, throughout the year. However, the ios 16 adoption rate is quite similar to iOS 15 at the time of its release.

Meanwhile on Android

Regarding the adoption rate, iOS surely has higher advantages over Android.

Apple’s iOS 16 was launched in September 2022, and Android 13 was released in October 2020, but the adoption of Android 13 was at around 12.1%. 

Most Android devices are still running on Android 11, launched in 2020.

The reason behind such a lower adoption rate of Android 13 is that the Android phone comes from various manufacturers while the iOS is only available for iPhones. 

So it’s hard for Google to have control over third-party Android devices for the latest updates.

Apple will announce the latest iOS 17 on June 5 at WWDC 2023. Let’s see what the adoption rate of iOS 17 is. Will it be faster than iOS 16?


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