Send AI Images using Snapchat My AI Snap

As AI is booming globally, most brands adopt it to keep their users engaging and entertaining. So Snapchat, with its AI integration,...

As AI is booming globally, most brands adopt it to keep their users engaging and entertaining. So Snapchat, with its AI integration, makes the app a lot more fun for users. Snapchat MY AI enables users to send AI Images, opening new opportunities for influencers and brands. Snapchat’s AI image feature is powered by ChatGpt or GPT-4, which also showcases the emerging usage of ChatGpt.

Snapchat My AI for Increasing Engagements

The first beta version of this feature was launched for subscribers or Snapchat+ users. According to the feedback, Snapchat made improvements and launched a stable version for all users. Snapchat My AI for subscribers launched on May 11, and for all the users, it launched on April 19.

The users are engaging more with the chatbot after its release. Here it looks like people are more interestingly participating in the AI version of images, which is taking Snapchat to another level.

How Does My AI Work?

Users can use the same process they do to send snaps to their friends. But the only difference is for the AI version of images you have to send them to the chatbot. Chatbot will process the Image and reply with the AI version.

Here is an example of My AI. You can see the difference between the AI image and the original Image.

Snapchat MY AI Snaps

The chatbot doesn’t always send a snap in reply. Sometimes it also sends a text-based reply which can be based on the Image or its context. According to Snapchat, My AI could not understand the image inputs at the start, which were sent from the camera roll. But in the future, it might change with the upcoming updates.

Snapchat My AI Ads Welcoming New Opportunities

Along with snap conversation, My AI also displays advertisements in selected conversations. The relevancy of Ads can or cannot be dependent upon to context of the conversation.

Snapchat AI Ads

These ads allowed businesses to reach a growing and engaging audience to enhance their brand awareness and ROI. The ad recommendations include recipes, fashion, restaurants, etc., per the conversation’s relevancy.
Currently, this feature is only accessible to iOS and Android users, but it may also launch for the web version.

Have you tried the Snapchat My AI feature? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


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