Meta AI Editing Tools Set To Enhance Facebook and Instagram Experiences

Meta is introducing fresh Meta AI editing tools for Facebook and Instagram, enabling users to edit photos and craft “high-quality videos” using text descriptions. Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s CEO, revealed two new features leveraging Emu—the company’s foundational model for image generation. 

The first, “Emu Edit,” empowers users to modify images precisely based on text inputs. This functionality, demonstrated in a video, resembles tools offered by Adobe, Google, and Canva. It provides an accessible way for users to edit and manipulate photos, remove or replace objects, and people without requiring professional image editing skills.

Meta AI editing tools

All you need to know about Meta AI editing tools

What’s crazy is you don’t have to pick the part of the pic you want to tweak. Just type in something like “turn the dog into a panda,” and Emu Edit figures out the dog independently. Plus, according to Meta, these Meta AI editing tools are smart enough to only mess with what you ask for—like adding text to a baseball cap without messing up the whole cap design.

Emu Video – Another AI-powered tool of Meta

Meta’s got another tool in the works called “Emu Video.” It can whip up videos based on text prompts, reference images, or both. The results might not be realistic, but they seem like a step up from last year’s Make-A-Video system animations.

No word yet on when these cool editing tricks will hit Facebook or Instagram. We’re waiting on Meta Tag for more info and will spill the beans if they spill theirs.

Adding AI-based image editing to Facebook and Instagram sounds like a no-brainer for Meta. Sure, there are other tools like Google Photos Magic Editor and Adobe’s generative Fill, but having it built-in makes life easier for Insta and Facebook buffs—no need to bounce around different apps.


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