European Users Expected to Gain Access to Threads Next Week

Exciting news for EU social media enthusiasts! Threads is gearing up for a December 14th launch in the region, just in time to capture the holiday spirit. According to The Verge, European Instagram users can spot a countdown timer on Threads, hinting at the imminent launch. Although Meta hasn’t made an official announcement, the countdown clock is exclusively visible to European users. Additionally, EU users can discover a digital invitation to Threads by searching ‘ticket’ within the Instagram app.

Mirroring the original Threads launch in July, this rollout also features familiar Easter eggs and indicators reminiscent of the abovementioned ones, hinting at the impending launch date.

What does it bring to European users?

The EU release of Threads faced delays due to evolving data privacy regulations, putting an added development burden on the Threads team to ensure compliance. Adam Mosseri, the chief of Instagram and Threads, initially mentioned the potential for a prolonged wait for EU users during the Threads launch, citing complications from these new rules.

However, recent signals suggest progress. The Wall Street Journal reported last month that Meta had a plan to roll out Threads to European users in December. App researchers also discovered references to an upcoming “Threads EU Launch” within the app’s code, indicating positive movement toward its availability in the region.

European Users

Users might get access next week.

Considering the various pieces of evidence, it does appear likely that European users will gain access to the app next week. This timing aligns well with the holiday break, presenting an optimal opportunity for Meta to maximize engagement as social media usage typically surges during this period.

Opportunities for Meta seem to be on the upswing, especially as more users turn away from Elon Musk’s X project due to his divisive commentary. Many are now seeking a real-time social alternative, with Threads emerging as a viable choice.


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