X Incognito Mode Empowers Hosts with Enhanced Controls for Spaces

This week, X introduced a fresh feature: the “Allow Incognito” setting for Spaces hosts. Now, hosts can choose whether non-logged-in or private users can join their chat sessions in the app. This new X incognito mode control puts the audio discussion in the hands of Spaces hosts, giving them the flexibility to decide who gets to participate.

In this example shared by app researcher Radu Onescu, Spaces hosts can now use the toggle to decide whether anonymous users can join their chats. This means hosts can open their Spaces to everyone or restrict access to logged-in users only. It’s a handy feature that puts control in the hands of hosts.

X Incognito Mode

X Incognito Mode for Spaces

Anonymously joining Spaces is reminiscent of the choice to hide your verification checkmark in July. This recognizes that some now see the checkmark as a negative symbol, contradicting the original purpose of selling blue ticks.

Given X owner Elon Musk’s penchant for divisive stances and association with controversial figures, it’s understandable that some of his fans might prefer to create some distance, even if it’s just a matter of perception.

In Spaces chats, the same principle applies. Recently, Musk joined a Spaces discussion with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and influencer Andrew Tate. While many might be curious to tune in, only some people want it known they were listening.

Elon Musk stands for the same.

Musk’s offer to cover legal fees for X users facing career impacts underscores concerns about engaging on the app. It highlights the need for X incognito mode to enhance user privacy and engagement.

Although most users may not opt for anonymous logins in Spaces chats, it offers a valuable choice—allowing non-logged-in users to join and providing a discreet way for those interested in spicy discussions without linking it to their identity.

The new control option ensures space hosts maintain authority over anonymity. Currently, the feature is undergoing testing with selected users.


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