A Complete Guide To Android Application Development Services

A Complete Guide To Android Application Development Services

Mobile Apps are the software run over smartphones and tablets only and are not compatible with desktop and laptop devices. The reason behind mobile app design & development is to optimize the rapidly increasing use of smartphones for various reasons, along with mobile operating systems’ compatibility with lightweight software. As a result, multiple types of mobile apps are in trend, such as:-

  • Fitness mobile apps
  • Health apps
  • Food ordering apps
  • E-Commerces apps

Android and iOS mobile phones are popular and have different operating systems. Each platform does not support the native apps of other OS; hence mobile app design and development is categorized into the following types of application:-

  • Native appsThese apps are a platform dedicated and never run over the cross-platform. For instance, iOS apps are incompatible with the Android platform and vice-versa.
  • Cross-platform appThese apps support both Android and iOS platforms. Usually, Dedicated mobile app developers use the Flutter framework for high-performing cross-platform mobile apps.
  • Hybrid apps- Designed using HTML, CSS, and javascript, hybrid mobile apps are cross-platform apps with certain restrictions of native app features.

Based on the OS, mobile applications are categorized into iOS applications and Android applications. iOS platform offers a high-performing, secure ecosystem for users to keep vulnerable data extensively secured. Additionally, it is considered an iconic symbol of the brand, but still, Android applications are in high demand. As a result, developers take Android app development on a priority basis.

Benefits of Android app design & development services

Android mobile apps have a sizable market of more than 3 billion active users caused of high scalability, easy customization, and affordability. As a result, it drives the opportunity for mobile app development services across the globe to do R&D in this domain. However, the advantage of Android app design and development are underneath:-

Faster app development

Android offers an easy and faster app development model. The app development model includes the app design & development frameworks, readymade templates, widgets, and libraries of sources to use. HTML, CSS, and javascript are commonly used in android app development. Open-source frameworks like Flutter, ReactNative, and NativeScript make app development for Android app developers.

Exponential high return on android mobile app development

Android software development kit (A-SDK) readily available. This SDK boosts the development process and makes it easier and faster. Since there is a wide range of Android users, as a result, it creates an exponentially high return on one-time mobile app development.

Cost-effective and time-saving

An Android mobile app has a dedicated development life-cycle which includes design, development, testing, integration, and deployment. The open-source app development platforms are free or the least expensive to use. The feature of code reusability, flexibility, and end-device affordability makes the android app design and development cost-effective and time-saving.

Cross-platform support

The use of Java programming language in android mobile app development enables the application to run smoothly over similar types of OS such as Symbian and Ubuntu, tablets, wearables, and Android TV. On the other hand, an increasing trend of android smartphone developers is finding fundamentals for iOS application migration to Android platforms.


Mobiles are the most vulnerable devices as these are bunches of various useful features such as call, gallery, gaming, photography, and messenger. As a result, these devices create security concerns. But android OS is written in Linux, which enables developers to integrate into app development for vulnerable data security concerns.

Android development provides an easy-to-use, customizable, user-friendly interface. Additionally, powered by Google, users can “talk” to their application interface, which is also one of the critical advantages of Android application development.

How to develop Android applications?

A mobile application has to pass through a mobile application life cycle. This app development life cycle includes the design, development, integration, testing, and deployment process. The process of evolution is at the core of building a fully-functional application. As a result, there are two ways to develop a mobile application:-

Mobile application development with code

Java, Kotlin, Python, HTML, PHP, and many more programming languages are there for app development. As a result, app developers use hard-core coding sessions to develop mobile applications.

Mobile app development without code

If someone has no coding experience but wants to develop an android app, then there are various automated tools and templates for such newcomers. With the help of step-by-step app development wizards and the insertion of pertinent content, anyone can build a mobile application with zero app development coding knowledge and experience.

Need to hire dedicated android app developers

Even though anyone with little development knowledge can create a mobile application as per his choice and need. Moreover, such app development does not require any cost, but still, there is a need to hire dedicated android app developers. The reason behind hiring dedicated android app developers are underneath:-

  • These developers are experienced in the field of app development.
  • Code writing makes the app development robust and high performing.
  • App development using code writing is more scalable and flexible.
  • Dedicated developers maintain the integrity and transparency of the process.
  • App modification and updates are faster and easier.
  • Application support and maintenance are easier.
  • App listing on the Google play store becomes easier.

How much does an android app developer cost?

There are three ways to hire app developments:-

  • Hire an android app development company
  • Hire dedicated android app developers
  • Hire remote android app developers

Hire an Android app development company

Various mobile application development services are engaged in providing Android & iOS app design and development. These professionals have a team of expert mobile app designers, developers, testers, and other essential resources for app development. With the help of a talented team, mobile design and development companies offer complete end-to-end solutions from app design to deployment and registration of the Play Store. Usually, the cost of an android app developed by a mobile app development company costs $XXXXX to $XXXXXXXX. Depending upon the specific platform or demand of e-commerce, charges may be varied.

Hire dedicated android app developers

There are dedicated android app developers who are also there apart from specific mobile app development. These developers are platform specialists; for instance, if you want a mobile app based on Flutter, you can hire dedicated android app developers specialized in the Flutter framework. As a client, you have to work out your requirement before hiring dedicated android app developers. Usually, these developers charge lesser than getting services from a reliable company.

Hire remote app developers

Remote developers are one type of freelance app developers who work remotely full-time or part-time. These developers do not need the desk space at your premises. They work remotely and submit their report daily or per the prefixed terms & conditions. Such developers are well-versed in their skills. As a result, they charge for their work basis. Usually, the hiring cost of a remote android app developer is $YYYYYY.

Third-party android app developers

Third-party app developers are the developers on a contract basis. Despite hiring complete android app development services from a company or hiring dedicated or remote app developers, you can contract with app developer providers and get mobile developers on a contract basis. Such developers’ reporting and consideration will be made by their employer only.

This article might help you get comprehensive information on android app development. If you are running a business with no mobile application, then this will impact your market growth. Hence it is beneficial to hire dedicated android app developers and get quick, error-free, and hassle-free mobile apps with excellent user experience and SEO friendliness.



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