Rishi Sunak Mulls Social Media Ban for Under-16s in the UK: Report

Rishi Sunak is exploring restricting social media passes for teenagers under 16 to protect them from online risks. Reports hint at a potential social media ban. Even with the introduction of the Online Safety Act, requiring social media platforms to shield children from harmful content under threat of fines, the government is considering further actions. The contemplation of additional measures reflects an ongoing commitment to enhancing online safety for children.

Bloomberg first reported that a consultation, set to launch in the upcoming year, will dive into the dangers faced by children on social media. While some sources consider a ban for under-16s, a government representative downplayed the likelihood on Thursday.

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What is the reason behind Social Media Ban for teenagers?

“We’re focused on empowering parents sooner than imposing specific crackdowns,” stated the spokesperson. “We’ve recognized a research gap and explored what additional research is needed. However, ministers have finalized no decisions regarding the social media ban.”

Molly Russell’s family founded the Molly Rose Foundation after her tragic suicide at 14. This emphasizes that any review should prioritize enhancing the authority of the transmissions watchdog, Ofcom.

There’s a clear need for additional measures to safeguard children online,” noted Andy Burrows, an adviser in the same foundation. “However, the primary focus should be bolstering the regulator’s authority to ensure social media platforms are no longer inundated with avoidable dangers.

Warning for Parents

The National Crime Agency (NCA) recently cautioned parents about the dangers of Facebook’s encrypted messaging, which Meta implements. This shift means the company will need more visibility into user interactions. This raises concerns about potential child grooming and the sharing of illicit images among offenders, according to the NCA. This is a significant move during the social media ban.

Chris Philp, Policing minister, labeled Meta’s decision as “grossly careless,” stating it could hinder the arrest of numerous pedophiles. Philp urged the social media company to reverse its “terrible decision immediately” immediately.

Schools minister of UK Damian Hinds shares the view, highlighting the crucial need for law enforcement to intercept those involved in child abuse. According to Hinds, the issue goes beyond privacy; it’s about ensuring the capability to investigate and bring individuals engaged in child abuse to justice.


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