Origin Quantum Computing Reveals 72-Qubit Quantum Computer

According to a Chinese media source, origin Quantum Computing reportedly unveiled “Origin Wukong,” its third-generation superconducting quantum system, on January 6 in Hefei.

The “Wukong” reportedly runs on a “Wukong chip”—a 72-qubit superconducting quantum system. According to a joint statement by the Anhui Provincial Quantum Computing Chips Key Laboratory and the Anhui Quantum Computing Engineering Research Center. However, this development signifies a new turning point in China’s quantum computing voyage. It is the country’s most advanced deliverable and programmable superconducting quantum computer.

Origin Quantum

Origin Quantum Computing New Invention

The “Origin Wukong” and other superconducting quantum devices depend on a method now investigated by many quantum computer manufacturers, such as Google and IBM.

The media has reported that the “Origin Quantum” is outfitted with Origin Quantum’s third-gen quantum computing dimensions and control technology. According to Kong Weicheng, this technology has allowed for China’s first automatic quantum chip batch testing. Moreover, it significantly improves the effectiveness of quantum computing activities.

198 qubits, comprising 72 operating qubits & 126 coupler qubits, make up the “Wukong chip,” according to Jia Zhilong. A coupler qubit’s primary function is to enable communication between different qubits, also called functioning qubits, as the name implies.

One of China’s leading quantum computing companies, Origin Quantum, was founded in 2017. Two generations of its superconducting quantum computers, the first and second generations, have been shipped to China. In addition to designing the first quantum computer operating system in China and building the first quantum computing measurement and control system. However, the company has established China’s first quantum chip production line. Moreover, Origin Quantum ranks sixth worldwide and first in China for quantum computing patents.

One of China’s leading quantum computing companies, Origin Quantum, was founded in 2017. They have supplied the Chinese market with their Ist and IInd-gen superconducting quantum systems. The company has accomplished a lot, as highlighted by Pakistan Today. It has set up China’s first production line for quantum chips, developed the country’s first operating system for quantum computers, and created the first system for measuring and controlling quantum computing. Moreover, Origin Quantum is number six in the world regarding patents related to quantum computing.


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