Ray-Ban Meta Smartglasses Set to Enhance Intelligence with Object Recognition Beta

This week marks a significant upgrade for Ray-Ban Meta Smartglasses as the firm introduces a beta version in the US. In this...

This week marks a significant upgrade for Ray-Ban Meta Smartglasses as the firm introduces a beta version in the US. In this development, the device’s camera will be integrated with an object recognition feature, leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft’s Bing. This enhancement promises to make smart glasses notably smarter, ushering in new possibilities for users regarding augmented reality experiences and interactive functionalities.

What are Ray-Ban Meta Smartglasses?

In October, Ray-Ban Meta Smartglasses hit the market, closely following the release of Meta’s VR headset named Quest 3. These second-gen smartglasses, succeeding the Facebook Ray-Ban Stories from 2021, boast enhanced audio, cameras, and expanded design options. Priced at $300, the glasses, while lacking displays, showcase intelligence, relying on voice commands or basic touch gestures on the glasses’ frames for actions like capturing photos, recording videos, and enjoying music.

Andrew ‘Boz’ Bosworth, Meta CTO on Instagram, recently announced a significant update on Instagram. The company is moving out of multimodal AI, utilizing the device’s camera to introduce new functionality. This advancement enables the smart glasses’ cameras to engage in AI-enabled object recognition, expanding the range of user capabilities.

Ray-Ban Meta Smartglasses

All New Features

Initially available to users in the United States who choose to participate in a contest to get early access. This update amplifies the capabilities of these AI features. Users can now command Meta with phrases like “Tell me what you see,” as demonstrated by Bosworth on Instagram.

Moreover, this feature allows users to ask questions about the photos they capture. For instance, you can inquire about a symbol’s translation in multiple languages, identify a houseplant’s genus species, or request a social media caption for a recently taken photo. The company highlights that these examples are just the beginning, with plans to expand the range of functionalities over time.

Meta’s Move

Meta’s collaboration with Microsoft has been ongoing, and the newly integrated object recognition AI-powered tools are expected to be introduced to Ray-Ban Meta Smartglasses. Meta introduced chatbot functionality powered by Bing for Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram users in the United States. This enhancement allowed users to engage in simple content-based exchanges and create images with the assistance of AI.


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