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Have you ever used ChatGPT to help out with writing while you sneak in a nap? It’s odd but a thing these days in the world of AI content tricks on social media. But no worries, pals—writers, artists, marketers—we’re not getting replaced anytime soon. Social media content writing tools can pitch in and make us faster, but we’re still the champs for heavy thinking.

These AI tools are popping up, making writing for social media a breeze. They’re constantly changing, so here’s a rundown of the latest ones to turbocharge your content creation game.

Why do we need these tools for writing on social media, you ask?

These AI tools are like magic-makers for different kinds of short writing. They tweak headlines, craft cool quotes, and can even suggest ad ideas! Combine them with intelligent strategies, and you’ve got excellent posts without breaking a sweat.

And guess what? These tools play lovely with Hootsuite, your social media wingman. They figure out the best times to post and help manage content, all set to go out at just the right moments.

Now, let’s check out the top 7 social media content writing tools in 2024:

1. OwlyWriter AI (from Hootsuite)

Social Media Content Writing Tools

This tool is a real winner for making social media content fast. It’s like a mix of ChatGPT’s brainpower and Hootsuite’s secret sauce. Best of both worlds, right?

You know when you blend your favorite flavors and get something incredible? That’s OwlyWriter for social media content. It’s like having a super-smart assistant that’s part ChatGPT braininess and part Hootsuite’s know-how. It takes your ideas and zaps them into excellent posts!

2. ChatGPT

You’ve probably heard of this one of the amazing Social Media Content Writing Tools! It’s like the big name in “AI content creation.” Naturally, I’m super good at writing, but it’s still a machine. It can’t beat human originality.

Think of ChatGPT as your trusty AI friend who’s great at mimicking human talk. It’s a wizard at writing in a way that sounds just like us! But you know what? Despite being super helpful, it’s got its limits—it can’t outshine the originality humans bring to the table.

3. Hookle

Social Media Content Writing Tools

This one’s got a sweet mobile app that makes sharing on social media a piece of cake. Easy-peasy for writing and posting on lots of platforms.

Hookle’s like that excellent friend who knows all the shortcuts. Its mobile app lets you create and share stuff on social media without breaking a sweat. It’s as easy as pie, seriously!

4. Semrush

Think of Semrush as your social media wizard. It helps you know what your fans like and when to post and gives you excellent ideas. Making posts becomes a breeze with this tool.

Semrush is like your social media crystal ball—it helps you see what your fans are into when they’re most active and even pops up with fantastic ideas. It’s like having a personal coach to make your posts shine!

5. Rytr

Rytr’s your sidekick social media content writing tool for creating eye-catching social media posts. It helps you write and shows how your posts are doing—pretty handy, right?

Rytr’s like that awesome writing buddy who helps you craft posts that grab attention. And the bonus? It doesn’t leave you hanging! It also tells you how well your posts are doing so you can fine-tune your strategy.

6. Jasper

Social Media Content Writing Tools

Need more ideas? Jasper’s like your creative friend. It’s not just about writing; it’s like a spark that helps when your brain goes blank. Jasper turns your blog thoughts into excellent social media posts when you’re stuck. It’s more than a writer; it’s a big help!

7. Article Forge

Think of Article Forge as a superhero for your social media. It’s your lifesaver when you have many accounts and need cool stuff to post. Click a button and boom! Article Forge makes fantastic posts for you. It’s like having a superhero manage your social media and make great content quickly!


These tools help us make better and quicker social media posts. They’re like sidekicks that boost our creativity, making more awesome stuff possible. Each one of the social media content writing tools brings something unique to the table, and it’s pretty cool to see how they’re changing things up on the internet!

Interested in more details about any of these tools?


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