WhatsApp’s New Privacy and Security Update

Privacy and Security

A new privacy and security update on WhatsApp reveals that users now won’t be allowed to take screenshots of profile pictures. 

WhatsApp Privacy

WhatsApp has been working hard lately on the user’s privacy and security. Very recently it provided an update of blocking spam from the notifications. This step to users’ privacy is a good step to not only gaining trust but also letting the user rely on WhatsApp as a safe platform.


Stalking has always been a problem since digital socializing became a thing. The art of looking out at people you’re interested in and getting into their profile info, profile image, etc, has been a practice ignored by all platforms. We often forget the dark side of social media. Meta recently introduced a feature called “secured display” that prevents non-connections from viewing profile pictures.

WhatsApp on Profile Safety

WhatsApp will now restrict users from taking screenshots of profile pictures. This is good news as this provides users with a safe space to socialize digitally. WhatsApp seems to be building a secure space in terms of privacy and security trying its best to stand to its end-to-end encrypted motto.

Data Privacy and Security in the Digital Era

Data Privacy and Security in the Digital Era is a matter of concern. We give out our email IDs and do not think of its security concerns. As we continue to live in such a fast-paced world, one should be aware that we are digitally responsible.

Compared to other social media platforms, WhatsApp remains the safest option. Spam and accounts getting hacked reports are a concern. The steps taken by WhatsApp to avoid any kind of data mishandling or breaching have ensured the safety of the users and the platform being a safe environment for the users.

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