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How to make money with music online?

Everybody loves to listen to music when they are alone or depressed. But most of the musicians do not know how to...

How to make money with music

Everybody loves to listen to music when they are alone or depressed. But most of the musicians do not know how to make money with music and struggle a lot even being talented. Gone are the days of researching to find ways to earn money. It’s now trending to gain money with music, and it has become part-time for most people.

If you are a musician searching for ways to make money, then this article is entirely dedicated to you. In recent days there has been a considerable demand for both music and musicians as well. Find the best solution to know how to make money with music online.

Different ways to make money from your music:

Here you will find some best ways to make money from your music no matter how your music is. You will have a chance to build a strong background that will last for many years.

Make Cds and sell them

This is one of the best ways to grab the attention of the listeners. You can start just with lots of music CDs of your own and then start selling them. Place a simple order anywhere with a sample of the CD so that the listeners will know about your music. If they can find something interesting in your music, then they will purchase your CDs. For selling online you can create your eCommerce website or find some websites where you can place your digital as well as hard copies of the music CDs.

Increase digital sales

Apart from making CDS, you can also go with the use of digital music through any of the websites. This is one of the ideals that works well. Many online retailers can help you to assist the digital selling process. Consider the best retailers and make sure that they place your music in their store and you can even earn money by uploading songs for them. Before doing that you have to check the complete guidelines and then your music will be available online for everybody to purchase.

Music lessons

In fact, taking music lessons will also make a great income. You can easily choose a batch of enthusiastic students and start teaching them music lessons. There are many people who are searching for how to make money with music and industry can find this as the best option for easy returns. This does not require any investment that gives lots of money. There are also many online tutoring sites where you will be able to teach music and earn money.

Session works

Make yourself noted as a session musician so that it will help in achieving more profit at the beginning itself. You can consider any musical projects or advertisements and make yourself provide work sessions for them. This does not necessarily need to concern only advertisements or musical projects but there are many wide ranges of opportunities available for musicians in which you can earn money by uploading songs as well.


There is the necessity to pay a license fee if you work as a playback singer. If you have chosen any of the film or commercial background to start as a singer then there is a need to take a license fee. Generally, these phrases are quite reasonable and completely dependent upon the production budget and the time is taken to learn the song.


Many musicians suggest that crowdfunding is an excellent way to generate lots of profit very easily. In fact, this is the stepping stone to have a successful future and the possibility to know how to make money in the music industry. If the crowdfunding is executed in a correct way then it will instantly raise huge profits for you. And you can easily make use of marketing strategies to place the album on the market.


An advertisement is a powerful tool to attract an audience. Similarly, it has more power to attract music lovers. So make as many ads as you can. Whenever you expect to see the advertisement in the post about making money, then you will need lots of traffic and awareness about it. However, an advertisement is the best way to achieve an affordable range and you will know how to earn money from a music website. having your own website or blog can help you to make money from Music. You can go for Google AdSense or related advertisements.


Even though there are per-stream payouts from streaming services that help in the easy making of money. They tend to be small but have a more significant influence in making money. However, this is an ideal choice to make lots of fans, and it is even the best time to find lots of people. Significantly it causes a lot of income generated even at the initial stages and this is how musicians make money today.


Find the best sponsor who can give you lots of support and sponsorship for your events. Based on your fan following there are many companies that are willing to offer sponsorship for your music albums. Sponsorship necessarily need not be money it can even be some service, free products, or anything.


It is one of the best ways to attract as many as you can. To be true it is one of the powerful tools that really gets stuck in the mind of the audience. Probably you will use your music to place an ad on YouTube. So as an alternative your videos can also be placed on YouTube where they will pay some amount for it. While doing this you should make sure to read how musicians make money today and follow as per the instructions are given.  You can learn all about Youtube.

Publishing Royalties

You should make sure that you select appropriate organizations and sign their contracts. This is possible to gain lots of royalties on your own music. Most of the royalties publications include merchant royalties, performance royalties like TV or radio, and sync royalties.

Live shows

Making through live shows has become quite easy and accessible. However, it is classified as one of the best ways to make lots of income at every stage of the live show helps in getting more profit. The advantage of live shows is that its revenue starts from selling tickets and lasts till the end, therefore, benefiting in knowing how to earn money from music websites that can be uploaded to some sites as well.

Physical Merch

This is something that ultimately depends on the live shows that you attend. When you are on tour make sure that you have lots of income by preparing some t-shirts or something similar to that on your own. So that it will be easy for you to sell all of them to your fan and make a passive income from it.


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Written by Sushant Gupta
Is an Online Geek. Who Diggs out the different ways for how can we make money online. He has been earning through e-commerce sites for years and wants to share his experience with all.

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  1. This article is well written! I’m a musician who’s also a music blogger. I recently started out, do checkout my blog!

  2. Hi, Robin
    Great article, very informative. Today I got many ideas for making money with music in the online world.
    Thank you very much, keep up the good work.

  3. Another thing about live shows. Make sure you capture all your performances on video. You can then put re-purpose some of that content on Youtube or your website.

  4. Some good ideas. Personally music lessons has always been the easiest way to make money from music. I still go out busking occasionally though too.

  5. Hey Sushant, We currently run a song lyrics website. The idea for us to not earn money through it as we are a bunch of music enthusiasts. However, we are currently making money through ads although we are trying to make a community. Music community for Indian music lovers. Do check our website 🙂

  6. Hi there,,
    Thank you so much for sharing a great post ..
    this Post is helpful for Every Music Lovers and of course yes ,its helped them ‘who are are trying to earn money through Music

  7. Hi there,,
    Thank you so much for sharing a great post ..
    this Post is helpful for Every Music Lovers and of course yes ,its helped them ‘who are are trying to earn money through Music

  8. Good suggestions. What resources would you suggest for selling CDs and digital releases? I’m only familiar with CDbaby and I’ve used Tunecore myself. Do you have any alternatives that you’d recommend?

  9. Hi Sushant, it’s really a great post describing some wonderful ways to make some passive income as a musician. I personally love youtube. Would you please write something on how to utilize youtube to increase the earning.

  10. Hey Sushant,

    To be honest, this is one of the few blog posts I have read lately that has opened my eyes. I love making electric guitar covers and I think I will open a channel on YouTube, then connect it to a Patreon account. Thanks!

  11. Hello 🙂
    Thank you for a great post about music and tips and trix to make money on it. You have a blog that I like. Iam a singersongwriter and so happy that I find your blog. Welcome visit my blog if you want 🙂 See you Many Hugs MinikeGirl

  12. This is really an awesome article Sushant. I was not aware of so many ways you have mentioned. Recently I saw that movie “Secret Superstar”, where that girl gets popular on YouTube by uploading her own music videos. I think without any doubt YouTube is the best place to start and get viral if one can really able to create quality music.

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