Reposts are added to Followers’ Feeds and Profiles by Threads

Reposts are added to Followers' Feeds and Profiles by Threads

Find out the most recent information from Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri regarding Threads reposts and an upcoming audio notes feature for Instagram. To organize the expanding number of shared information, Instagram is expanding the Threads feature set.

Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, announced a new audio feature for Instagram in addition to new ways to find Reposts on Threads in separate releases.

Thread Profiles Reposts Tab

The reposts page will give users a unified view of all the threads they have reposted, claims Mosseri. The new tab makes it easier for individuals and their audiences to find reposted content.

The new tab, which is anticipated to launch soon, comes a week after Threads expanded the app’s administration capabilities. Users may find the posts they liked and sort followers by the next date using the features added in the previous version.

Replies in the threads that follow the feed

Reposts will now also show up in the following feed in addition to the new Threads profile tab. Users who don’t want to see reposts from the people they follow will have to wait. Until Threads adds a function like the one on X. You can disable the user’s reposts by visiting the three-dot profile menu once you follow them on X.

New Options To Boost User Engagement

In order to improve user experiences across all of its social platforms. Meta is committed to innovating based on user feedback, as highlighted by Mosseri’s statements on Threads and Instagram.

Along with the most current enhancements from Mosseri. Meta just expanded WhatsApp’s video messaging capabilities. New and future capabilities on meta platforms could give advertisers more options for connecting with and engaging audiences.


Threads App Downloads Hits 100 Million Due to Organic Demand.



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