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SMO is now considered an important part of SEO. If you want to learn more about the importance of SMO than reading...

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SMO is now considered an important part of SEO. If you want to learn more about the importance of SMO than reading this article before doing SMO will be helpful, “Why SMO is important” using the SMO sites.

There are many search engines on the internet and Google is the most widely used. Many others, like Baidu, Bing, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go and some more are there. And doing SMO increases our presence on the search engines. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Stumble Upon, Tumblr, and many other sites. If you have read the previous article of mine, you must be knowing about the working of the SMO sites.


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Why use SMO sites?

There are many tools and algorithms on the search engines which counts the number of shares, likes, and tweets. The more the likes and shares on the social media sites the more are chances of the content to rank well on the Google and the other search engines. Google also says that the tweets are going to appear in search results, so the number of Tweets matters a lot in ranking a site’s content.

Things for which you must use Social Media sites for SEO:

  1. Helps to make a better reputation of the website.
  2. People need not find the site only on the search engines. They can know about the websites through these social networking sites also.
  3. Helps to do better business, even sometimes the pages created on the social sites get the business done perfectly.
  4. Help to get valuable traffic to the sites.
  5. People can follow you on social networking sites to get the latest updates on your website.
  6. The most important thing is that the more the shares you get on social media, the more are the chances of ranking your post on the first page of Google.

Here is the list of SMO sites for search engine optimization:

Here is the List of SMO sites which I collected. I mostly use these for doing SMO for my sites, and even I use it for my client’s sites.

SR. No Sites Domain authority
1 https://twitter.com/ 100
2 https://www.facebook.com/ 100
3 https://www.pinterest.com/ 100
4 https://www.linkedin.com/ 100
5 https://www.tumblr.com/ 98
6 https://www.instagram.com/ 97
7 livejournal.com 94
8 https://www.aol.com/ 98
9 https://www.meneame.net/ 83
10 https://vk.com/ 97
11 https://flipboard.com/ 82
12 https://www.reddit.com/ 99
13 https://www.stumbleupon.com/ 98
14 https://www.bizsugar.com/ 65
15 https://digg.com/ 98
16 https://www.diigo.com/ 86
17 https://www.efactor.com/ 52
18 https://evernote.com/ 89
19 https://www.ezyspot.com/ 32
20 https://www.instapaper.com/ 84
21 https://www.plaxo.com/ 79
22 https://myspace.com/ 97
23 https://www.plurk.com/ 85
24 https://www.voxopolis.com/ 18
25 https://www.scoop.it/ 89
26 https://getpocket.com/ 87
27 https://www.xing.com/ 91
28 https://www.yammer.com 76
29 https://plus.google.com/ 100
30 https://www.liketly.com/ 30
31 https://www.skyrock.com/ 77
32 https://surfingbird.ru/ 68
33 https://www.yookos.com/ 40
34 www.pearltrees.com/ 79
35 https://branded.me/ 58


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Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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  1. I really appreciate you for sharing such a useful information about SMO.
    SMO is being such an important part for SEO, Using SMO will really help us in SEO ranking.

  2. Thanks for sharing this information with us. You also gave us the listing of smo sites which will be helpful for us. We can use smo for better SEO as it can generate high traffic to our site.

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