Google Cloud Next ’24: New Updates and Enhancements This Year

In a recent Google Cloud Next ’24 exhibition, Google unveiled a range of product features and upgrades, all powered by its Gemini...

Google Cloud Next '24

In a recent Google Cloud Next ’24 exhibition, Google unveiled a range of product features and upgrades, all powered by its Gemini AI chatbot.

Google revealed new updates to the workspace that focus on boosting productivity and collaboration. As per what was told by Google at the event, the coming upgrade will enhance the Gemini’s capabilities. According to Google the integration of AI into the workspace and some creative updates are based on user’s productivity enhancement.

Google Vids

Google Cloud Next ’24 announced the release of a brand new AI-powered video creation application for work. Users will now be able to create videos such as marketing copies or images using AI. Google stated Vids as “your video, writing, production, and editing assistant, all in one”.

Vids can generate a storyboard that you can easily edit. Users would be required to type and enter an idea that they want. It’ll then generate a storyboard that users can edit after choosing their preferred style. Vids also provides a bunch of templates to choose from to ease work. Users can add voiceovers, background music change style, and more.

Google Cloud Next '24

Further Updates and Improvements on Workspace

Google on the Google Cloud Next ’24 exhibition emphasized their interest in boosting productivity in the workspace. And as per the exhibition, it’s pretty clear that has been the focus. Google has managed to enhance its workspace by integrating it with its highly functional artificial intelligence Gemini. With the help of Gemini, Google not only has Google improved applications like Gmail, Docs, Sheets, etc but made them more effective.

Mobile Gmail users can now enjoy a voice prompt and use the “Help me write” function, making email composition easier while on the go. In addition, a new feature called “Instant Polish” can refine rough notes into well-crafted emails with just a single click.

Google Docs
Google Docs now offers a tabs feature for better organization and full-bleed cover images to enhance document presentation, reducing the need for multiple documents.

Google Sheets will offer a new tables feature which will help simplify the data organization and formatting. Users will further gain access to various templates and will have conditional notifications for automated alerts which will be based on specific criteria.

Google Chat
Google Chat is set to integrate Gemini’s AI technology to provide users with message summaries and translations. Additionally, the maximum number of members in a group has been expanded to 500,000.

Google Meet
Google Meet has introduced an automatic caption translation in 69 languages. A preview of the ‘Take notes for me’ feature has also been introduced for the video conferencing platform.

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