The Creative AI Assistant of Windows Copilot Using Generative AI

Due to the boom of artificial intelligence, especially generative AI capable of producing text and imagery in response to prompts. It is...

Due to the boom of artificial intelligence, especially generative AI capable of producing text and imagery in response to prompts. It is steadily finding its way into our everyday hardware and software. Microsoft has been actively venturing into this realm, recently introducing AI chatbot capabilities to its Bing search engine and now offering a sneak peek at an early release of its innovative Copilot Creative AI Assistant within the Windows 11 ecosystem.

Copilot has been meticulously crafted to “elevate your creative processes and boost productivity,” as articulated by Microsoft. Its modus operandi mirrors that of Bing’s chatbot, adept at conjuring a range of content, from travel recommendations to original poetry.

To install Copilot on your Windows 11 system, ensure you’re running the most up-to-date version of the operating system.

  • Locate Windows Update in Settings to verify this (you may need to activate the ‘Get the latest updates’ with option as soon as they’re available’).
  • By default, you will notice a Copilot icon on your taskbar. It is accessible with a single click (should you wish to customize this, venture into Personalization and then Taskbar in Settings). Alternatively, you can initiate Copilot using the Win+C keyboard shortcut or through the Start menu.

Text and Image Generation

For those unacquainted with generative AI, the possibilities of Creative AI Assistant are limitless. You can instruct Copilot to craft a concise poem, an introductory paragraph for a cover letter, or generate email content. Upon commencing a new conversation, you will find options for selecting from More Creative, More Balanced, and More Precise conversation styles, akin to Bing Chat on the web, allowing you to fine-tune the degree of imaginative flair in Copilot’s responses.

Creative AI Assistant

Following each response from Copilot, you will receive a list of recommended directions for continuing the conversation. If you wish to begin anew, simply click the ‘New Topic’ button (the blue bubble) at the bottom. Moreover, hovering the cursor over Copilot’s output will allow you to copy the text. As a result, this Creative AI Assistant will provide feedback on the quality of the response.

Leveraging Dall-E integration, Copilot boasts the ability to generate images. Simply convey your image preferences and desired style within moments. Also, you’ll be presented with a choice of four options, along with suggestions for customization. It involves removing or adding elements to the scene or modifying color schemes.

Creative AI Assistant Windows 11 Functionality

Everything discussed thus far aligns with the capabilities of Bing Chat on the web. What truly sets this creative AI assistant apart is its seamless integration with the Windows 11 operating system. It’s worth noting that this aspect is still in the early stages of development, given that you’re working with a preview version of Copilot.

One fundamental task Copilot excels at is launching programs. Just type “open” followed by the app name, and your command is executed (though it’s accompanied by a confirmation dialog that may seem somewhat superfluous).


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