Ubuntu 24.04 LTS released on April 25, 2024

Ubuntu is a Linux Operating System widely used for general purposes and OS security. It is open source, which makes it awesome to go for it....

Ubuntu is a Linux Operating System widely used for general purposes and OS security. It is open source, which makes it awesome to go for it. Recently Ubuntu was officially released and available publicly to download and install for users.

Ubuntu 22 LTS (Long Term Support) was released with the look and features enhancements, operating systems performance Boosts, and a huge list of security updates while maintaining its users. It sticks to its reliability for the long term.

This LTS was released to get the next five years of excellent security maintenance and updates for an additional five years of huge applause and extended security support.

Ubuntu will support this LTS (Long Time Support) for 10 years for your Operating Systems.

Ubuntu 24.04 with Simplified Installation Process

Ubuntu 24.04 with Simplified Installation process

When you would like to install Ubuntu 24 on your hardware, you will notice new things in the installation process of the installer.

Every Step and click are going to attract to its new look and performance while installing with ISO and installer.

Its simplicity has made many improvements that its users can experience.

The installation process provides a simple and involuntary peace of mind in a walkthrough of step-by-step installing Ubuntu 24.

You are going to see several changes have been introduced in this installer. For example, accessibility settings are made simple.

There is good news for new users who want to try Ubuntu Operating System for Development. Its Kernel 6.8 supports are updated too.

Its GNOME 46 is also made easy to customize OS for display and appearance, and user interface refinements to improve the overall user experience. Users can find a huge list of new settings to enable new features simultaneously.

GNOME 46 updated.

Its default wallpapers are built with crowns that represent its dominating power in the generative era. Display and Ubuntu 24.04 are built with a more interactive appearance, which has increased their default numbers of wallpaper lists. User can still choose their wallpapers. 

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Overall, Ubuntu is a Linux family member, open source, and available for users freely. Still, Ubuntu has a paid plan also that users can try for more convenient features and security updates that come with Ubuntu’s Support team.

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There are many Linux Distro that are also dubian based and users can try for development security. Kali Linux is one of the lists that is dominating in Ethical Hacking, securing OS and data from malicious attacks. Overall Ubuntu 24.04 is cool that users should try.

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