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How to Come Up with a Perfect SEO Reporting Guide?

Being an SEO report creator should put you on the map to impress your clients using a perfect reporting system. But, what...

Perfect SEO Reporting Guide

Being an SEO report creator should put you on the map to impress your clients using a perfect reporting system. But, what happens when the agreement between you and your clients expire? Do you lay back hoping new clients will locate you? Your best weapon is to retain your clients; let them feel your importance so that they can keep coming back for more. How do you achieve this? Here are simple steps;

Step 1: Outline your Objective

Before you create an SEO Reporting Guide, you should highlight the objectives. Set your goals and demonstrate how you plan on achieving them. It would be absurd to come up with unrealistic expectations. For instance, something that can be achieved in one month cannot be executed in 24 hours. For this reason, you need to match the goals and objectives with the data on the report.

Step 2: Give details of the Data

Imagine what would happen if someone serves food you have never tasted before. Your instincts may or may not guide you to eat it. Similarly, it is important to give detailed explanations for your data to make their work easier. Ensure your data has a flow: an introduction, content, and summary to give a meaning.

Step 3: Give realistic expectations

As mentioned earlier, you need to give realistic expectations to win the trust of clients. Ordinarily, most objectives can be implemented within six months. So, don’t give observations that won’t go in line with the client’s goals. If something isn’t working, feel free to inform the client.

Step 4: Show your Future Plans

Your client has the right to know your plans. So, make it easier for them to predict your next move and provide further explanations to support the same. This presents the opportunity to fix a problem before it becomes worse.

These easy steps form the planning process. Remember, clients are looking for the following in most SEO reports

  • The number of visitors their website is attracting.
  • The position their website is taking compared to its competitors.
  • Where the visitors are coming from.
  • The sales turnover owing to the recent activities on their site
  • The SEO health status.
  • The past performances of the current SEO agency.
  • Reports of a positive return on investment.

As mentioned earlier, clients have different needs. To be on the safe side, you need to illustrate the opportunities and the challenges you are currently facing as an agency. Besides proving your viability, it assures clients of your utmost professionalism. Feel free to tailor your report to suit your client’s needs. To ensure your report is detailed and uses simple language so that your clients can place their full trust in your agency. If you think creating a report is still difficult, you can download an SEO report template from Clickminded.

Remember to include your plans so that the client can gauge whether they still want to do business with you. It doesn’t matter whether your clients are professionals or data-driven. Your commitment towards the deadline is all that matters.

Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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