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How to do Social Media Marketing for better engagement?

Are you tired of not getting a good response from the audience after you have posted an excellent article? Are you running...

Social Media Marketing

Are you tired of not getting a good response from the audience after you have posted an excellent article?

Are you running out of ideas to come up with effective ways to make your readers like what they read?

Thinking that hiring a social media marketing company will help your social media marketing to boost?

Need new ways to keep the user engaged in your social media profiles?

Many times even the most skilled of Social Media Experts find it difficult to come up with fresh content for their pages. People wonder what is it that they should post to maximize the quality and quantity of their viewers. Here I am going to share few ways in which you can keep the user coming back for more of the good stuff that you create.

Get Trendy

For the first step in your SMM (Social Media Marketing) strategy, start by sharing something that is already trending on the internet. Viewers are more likely to start following you or liking your page if you are following the latest hot and trending topics on the market. Make sure to share something funny or interesting related to the latest news or latest happenings around the world. This will be a great way to boost your social media followers.

Start taking polls

There is no better way to make a follower than by making the person feel important. Everyone wants to feel important and feel that they can make an impact on something. Get the users engaged by taking polls on Facebook and other social networking sites. This will get the user drawn to give their opinion on a matter.

The poll can be as simple as “What is your favorite meal?” to as controversial as “Which party should win the elections this time?” to as light-hearted as “Did you start brushing your teeth daily? Answer:  yes or no”. It does not matter as long as it is engaging and users like to comment on it.

Show the Human side of you

Once there are a few people who follow you, don’t just post things that are relevant to your style. People need to know that there is a human behind all the sharing and posting. As a Social Media Marketing Expert, you should be aware that posting photos of you in real life is also what users like. It is a way of involving the people more by showing them that even you are a human.

Giveaways and freebies are a must in social media marketing

Let’s admit it; everyone loves freebies and giveaways. Increase your customer engagement by rewarding the most loyal users with small little freebies. Even small gestures like giving them a t-shirt or a gift coupon do wonders for your engagement. The user is happy and might share what he/she got from you on their wall which in turn increases your audience.

It’s a highly efficient SMM strategy that can boost your reputation through the roofs. Another way to ensure engagement on social media sites is by having some natural competitions. It can be something as “The person who posts the funniest picture of themselves with their cat gets a badge for their awesomeness” or “Find the rhyming word for Orange and the one who posts the most number of words will be rewarded with a one-month subscription of Digit in their homes” and so on.

Reply to the messages and comments from your audience

In the world of social media, people either like the story that you post or they don’t – either way, people like to comment. And replying to their remarks is a way of bonding with the audience. It might get tough in social media marketing to respond to each and every message and comment. But, answering a few of them will guarantee that the one who got the reply will like to come back to view your social media profile.

The power of “YOU”!

When a reader reads the word YOU, it makes the reader feels connected to the writer. For example, read the following two lines and notice the difference yourself:-

People who read the newspaper are smart people.


If you will read the newspaper, you will be smart.

See the difference that the phrasing of the sentence makes. The first line refers to other people while the second one refers to you. Try to incorporate more words like “you,” “your” etc. to generate interest from the audience.

Give reviews and suggestions about things you don’t care

In social media, it is the case always that there are people who will be a part of the community you created from different walks of life. Some people like poetry, some video games, some like fishing, and some like Origami.

It is highly possible that people like one thing that you do not know or do. Every individual likes to follow and be updated on the things one wants. You, for instance, like to read novels, and I do a review of the books that I read recently and recommend that you read this book because it has this and this interesting story. You will immediately understand it and like to know more about the share. Hence, fulfilling the purpose of the review and suggestion.

General life hacks

What could be better than someone telling you how you can make a grilled sandwich using your toaster (in case you don’t have a sandwich maker)?

Would you like to know an easy way to tie your tie?

And the list goes on.

Everybody likes to make their life easier. And one way to engage your audience is by telling them short and sweet life hacks that they can bring to their daily lives. You can either share the post or provide a link to where they can find or even better – come up with your own to make the audience more engaged with your social media site.

Be Creative

It all boils down to being a creative person. No matter what method you use for your Social Media Marketing techniques, being creative has to be on top of the list. If you have the creative skills in you and you can come up with better and improved ways to get user engagement, then there is no stopping you from tapping the potential of the online marketing business.

Just try out new things and do not repeat things that don’t work and try to repeat things that work. That will be the ultimate way to ensure better engagement in your social media adventures!


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Written by Saurabh Tiwari
Saurabh Tiwari is a Webmaster and Content Writer at Techibhai. And he loves to share his thoughts with people through words.

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