How to Program a Universal Remote Control?

Using a universal remote eases the overall process of commanding the TV and other remote-controlled appliances. And to Program a Universal Remote...

Programming via IR Learning

Using a universal remote eases the overall process of commanding the TV and other remote-controlled appliances. And to Program a Universal Remote Control to work on all devices is not a big deal. It can be done with a few chnages.

So to begin just make sure you have these done first

  1. Place new batteries in the Universal Remote.
  2. You should be at a place where there is no obstacle between you and the TV or other devices that you are trying to command during the programming. Just in case if this fails you will have to restart the programming procedure all over again.
  3. Particular programming alternatives and steps may differ with different universal remote control models and brands.

Here are some of the examples of alternatives that may be offered and steps that need to be followed.

I. Direct Code Entry

The method of Direct Code Entry stands as one of the easiest ways to get a universal remote programmed. This is done simply by entering a code that helps in identifying the product you want to command/control. These codes are available on a sheet in a webpage where codes are listed by brand and device type.

  1. Switch on the device you wish to control.
  2. Press and hold the right appliance button on the universal remote control. When you do this the LEDs of the device and power button will light up.
  3. Despite buttons being labeled for different devices, it can be used for any device that’s compatible as you just need to remember which button works to which function on completion of programming.
  4. While pressing the device button on the remote being held down enter the code for the device brand. As the code is entered the power button of the remote will power itself off.
  5. The power button blinks more than once then the code that’s been entered is incorrect.
  6. Lastly, you need to check if the remote is able to control the device’s most basic functions.

II. Auto Code Search

This method can be considered if you can’t get yourself the right code for the type or brand device you want to command. The remote then will start looking for a code that’s present in the database, hence trying a code until the one that works is found.

  1. Switch on the TV or other devices you wish to command.
  2. Press and release the device button on the remote which is linked with the product you wish to control. As mentioned earlier as the remote could control any device with marked buttons just don’t forget which one works for what.
  3. 3. By pressing the device button again along with the power button simultaneously it will power down and power up again.
Programming via IR Learning
  1. Let go of both the buttons.
  2. Press and release the play button on the remote as you need to wait for a couple of seconds as if the device that’s visible which you are attempting to command will switch off. If yes the remote has found its code.
  3. Later press and release the back button after every 2 seconds till the device is turned on again. When it’s done finally the remote will have come across the right code that works for it.
  4. To save the code press stop.
  5. Try a couple of functions on a universal remote to check if it is working for the device you are using.

III. Brand Code Search

  1. Start by turning the device on you wish to control.
  2. Fetch the codes that came with the universal control remote.
  3. Press the button and keep holding the device button you wish to command.
  4. When holding the device button press and keep holding the power button. This will light up the power button.
  5. Now try and release the power button at the same time.
  6. 6. Using the remote buttons try the first code on the list.
How to Program a Universal Remote Control?
  1. Press and let go of the power button again and again until the device turns off.
  2. To save code press stop.
  3. Use all buttons to check if the device could be fully controlled with the universal remote.
  4. And if the device does not switch off as LEDS flickers 4 times which means all codes have been exhausted and you need a new to look for another programming language.

IV. Manual Code Search

  1. Switch on other devices or TV you wish to control.
  2. Press and keep holding both power and device buttons simultaneously.
  3. Pointing the remote towards another device or TV press the power button on the remote and wait for 2 to 3 seconds.
  4. If the device powers down then the remote has got the code that’s working for it. Press stop so as to get the code saved. Turn on your TV or another device you wish to control.
Program Universal Remote Control?
  1. If the device doesn’t turn off, press the power button so the remote could try the other code present in the database.

Press and hold the corresponding DEVICE and POWER buttons on the remote at the same time. Wait until the power button comes on and then release both buttons.

V. Programming via IR Learning

  1. Start by pressing the button that switches the device or TV on.
  2. Trip the universal remote’s learning mode.
  3. Press the volume down button on the universal remote-first then repeat the same on the device remotely.
  4. Keep doing this for all the functions you wish to replicate on the universal remote control.

VI. Programming via PC

How to Program a Universal Remote Control?
  1. Enter or select the Logitech Harmony Universal Remote Control variant number on the PC.
  2. Delegate the various types and brands of devices you wish to command.
  3. Make activities that let you perform all tasks across multiple devices at the same time.

The Final Thoughts

As it was said earlier in the introductory phase of this highly informative content that the programming alternatives may differ from one universal remote model and brand to another. You can refer to the user manual for more in depth details.


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