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Reasons To Invest In A Project Management Tool For Your Remote Workforce

Project Management Tool is making remotely working easy and productive. While working remotely cannot be the option for everyone as every task/work...

project management tool

Project Management Tool is making remotely working easy and productive. While working remotely cannot be the option for everyone as every task/work cannot be done remotely. However, there are a number of occupations that can be performed from remote locations as well.

Working from the remote has been in the picture for some time now, but this pandemic scenario has forced companies to implement it dynamically.

Working from the remote brings along its own set of benefits and challenges to the remote workforce. It gives the employer to hire the talent without location constraints. It saves on infrastructure costs and helps the employee to maintain a healthy work-life balance. 

Working as a remote project team, if managed and monitored properly, can have more satisfied employees because of the flexible schedule they can follow. This in turn allows the companies to retain the top talent successfully. Some of the other benefits include:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Saving cost on infrastructure by providing perks for working remotely.
  • Reduces stress

On the contrary, some of the challenges are:

  • Lack of communication
  • Missing accountability
  • Missing on schedules and timelines

To overcome the above-mentioned challenges, companies must invest in pm software and monitoring software. While implementing the same, it is equally important and mandatory to communicate the right reasons to assure the employees that it is for their benefit and not for spying. 

Why should an employer install the monitoring software? 

Project management tool has many advantages

Building Trust: Having trust in your employees is good but having a blind trust can cost you a loss in business. By investing in the tool, two-way trust can be established between the employee and the employer or the team and the manager by providing evidence/data-driven performance monitoring.

Accurate Performance Monitoring: It helps you in being fair while evaluating the performance of your team members. Factual data gives you an insight into the actual deliveries and contributions to the team. Team evaluation can be done relatively by providing fair and correct details.

Reduced Stress: The employee can easily track their time which not only increases productivity but helps the employee to manage their personal/family life accordingly. The employee can give ample time to family as well thus reducing the employee’s stress level. This in turn will help employees remain focused and more productive.

Invest In A Project Management Tool:

Boost Productivity: As this tool provides a detailed picture of the engagement, contribution, and number of invested hours. Both the team members and the team manager can work with more focus thus increasing individual and collective productivity. If the employees are provided with factual details on low productivity, it is more likely that the employee will work hard to meet up the expectations.

Accountability: Everyone knows that with focus comes accountability as the employees know that they are being monitored. They will not misuse the facility and the benefits given to them. Especially if the employee is not used to the remote working environment. This tool helps them to become self-motivated, accountable and focused.

Increased Savings: Letting the employee work from remote saves on huge infrastructure costs. The only investment is to install the monitoring software which is very low when compared with the infrastructure cost.

Increases ROI: Return on investment depends on business performance. Business performance in turn depends on the productive and focussed employees. This eventually brings more customers by increasing their satisfaction level, which will, in turn, bring goodwill and more business. Also, keeping the employee focussed, helps in protecting from unwanted loss in operations and keeps the goals on track.


For growth in business and employee performance. Highly recommended to invest in a robust remote worker monitoring system. Ensure that you are not paying for unproductive work hours thus saving from unwanted losses. 

Written by Robin Khokhar
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  1. To keep a project on track, project management tools play a vital role. When managing remote teams, the need for project management tools is paramount. Thank you for sharing this valuable information with us.

  2. Managing people and the task would be easy with a project manager tool. This is a very helpful information in persuading the managers.

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