How to Increase Business Performance with Virtual Meetings?

Business Performance with Virtual Meetings

Since the world has been thrown into disarray courtesy of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, businesses around the world have been forced to close their door and have their employees work from home. While plenty of people around the globe have run successful businesses from home for years, it can be quite a jarring change. To help with the transition and to ensure that your company comes out of the crisis stronger than when it started, below we have provided a few tips on how to increase business performance with virtual meetings.

Cut your costs

With most, if not all, of your employees working from home for the foreseeable future, you can save a good amount of money by simply shrinking your old office space. All the big, expansive offices can now be replaced with a much smaller area that allows employees to come in when they need to instead of every day.

Another way to save money is instead of traveling around the country or world to attend business meetings, you can now do it all from your bedroom with the use of virtual meetings.

Use the tech available

In a video conference, you’re not only talking to other people, but you are also using a computer that allows for much more than simply talking to each other. You can hide your background by using virtual backgrounds in order to either hide sensitive information or simply maintain a more professional appearance by hiding an untidy room behind you. Hello, Backgrounds offer the best overall Zoom virtual background option so be sure to use them to your advantage. Other things like screen sharing and virtual whiteboards are also great tools for sharing information and discussing topics as a group.

Widen your talent options

Most businesses have previously been forced to choose their employees out of their local talent pool. This is no longer the case since employees can work from anywhere, you can now easily expand your potential recruits to the entire country or even the whole world. Use this opportunity to find bright new talent that will help take your company to the next level during and after the pandemic. Hiring remote workers either for single projects or permanent positions has never been easier than it is now.

Use the internet to expand your client base

Similarly to how you can expand the pool of talent to hire from, be sure to do the same for your client base. Advertise yourself and use virtual meetings to contact new opportunities for your company. This will not only help your company during the pandemic since you may already be hurting because of the sudden lockdown, but it will help you to be more profitable once the world finally goes back to normal. Meetings that used to require pristine conference rooms, catering, and other office amenities can now be done from the comfort of your own home in next to no time.

Have fun with them

Another great thing about virtual meetings is how easy they are to set up and join, this means that you don’t have to have a long meeting every time simply because your attendees traveled to be there. You can instead reduce the time to whatever you like and it is actually recommended that you keep online meetings to under 45 minutes to prevent any participants from getting bored or distracted. In short, virtual meetings provide far more flexibility than their face-to-face counterparts. Information is easier to share and, if they are done right, virtual conference calls can be extremely efficient and may one day completely replace physical meetings even after social distancing is a thing of the past.


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