What is Rfid Technology and How does it work?

What does Radio Frequency Identification mean? RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a type of wireless communication medium that combines the use of...

Rfid technology

What does Radio Frequency Identification mean?

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a type of wireless communication medium that combines the use of such electromagnetic and electrostatic pairings throughout the radio frequency regions of the electromagnetic spectrum that can uniquely identify an entity, animal or individual. Use cases for an RFID technology that includes healthcare services, engineering, inventory management, storage, industrial production sales, and household use.

What is RFID technology Used for?

RFID technology used in similar ways as bar codes tags to identify inventory, and therefore three significant differences that make a better option under certain conditions:

  • RFID tags do not allow a specific vision line to only be viewed or for reading purposes.
  • Data is stored in the RFID chips that can be changed your real-time system. On the other hand, bar code tags data is for read-only and this data can’t be modified or Unchanged.
  • RFID tags have required a source of electricity. Bar codes, on the other hand, simply allow the hardware that reads that bar code to have such a source of power.

How does RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) work?

Each RFID system has based on the three major components i.e. scanning of the antenna, a transmitter, and a transceiver. Whenever the antenna or transmitter and receiver are paired that they are related to as an RFID reader or investigator. The RFID system reader is a network-based system that can be compact or permanently connected. RFID chips have uses only radiofrequency waves for transmitted signals for the RFID tags. Once this has enabled, then the RFID tag sends a wave from the antenna and this has reverted back to the transmit antenna where it is changed to the data signal.

The reading Frequency of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags varies depending on the form of tag, the size of the reader, etc. 

Types of RFID Tags

There are two major types of RFID tags usually:

  • Active RFID tags 
  • Passive RFID tags.

The Active RFID tag does have its power source, always such a battery.

Passive RFID tag, from the other side, this Tags does not need any batteries; instead of this it derives its power from just a transmitting antenna, and through the electromagnetic wave of which generates a voltage as in RFID tag antenna.

There is also one semi-passive RFID tags, which means that the battery powers the circuits while the contact is operated mostly by the RFID reader.

Low cost, built-in their non-volatile memory help into plays a significant role in any RFID system. Usually, RFID tags contain below 2,000 KB of data, as well as including a specific identifier or a serial number. Tags could be both read-only as well as read-write, so you can apply data to the reader or delete existing information. The reading range for RFID tags varied depending upon variables such as tag size, reader size, RFID tags frequency, and its interaction with the surrounding atmosphere or some of the other RFID tags or RFID readers.

RFID Standards

In Every RFID radio frequency had also related with their standards, such as ISO(International Organization for Standardization) 14223 and ISO / IEC(International Electro-technical Commission) 18000-2 for LF RFID Chip, ISO 15693Chip and ISO / IEC 14443 besides HF RFID Chip, as well as ISO 18000-6C to UHF RFID.

Who Owns this RFID Chip?

United Kingdom BioTeq company has built out these unique Chips on its own: By implanting this RFID chip with the help of company workers.

Biotech has been one of the big businesses company in the U.K. They recruit their staff to mount RFID chips. Employees will also use chips to enter corporate buildings or store its information and records. 

biotech Company founder Steven Northam said that this is so much hard of the corporation’s work is for people who choose to use this RFID chips to control their own houses and vehicles. Even so, RFID chips have already been placed in the hands of staff in the finance and manufacturing business and it though the practice is voluntary. These same RFID chips have also been transported to some of the other countries, such as Spain, China, New York, Germany, Kenya, and Japan.

 Another RFID form company Biohax in Sweden, that may shortly begin to provide the same and similar services in the United Kingdom.

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