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Spreadsheet Files into vCard

Spreadsheet Files into vCard: We can all agree that life has become easier thanks to technological improvements. The days of the Yellow Pages, contact books containing the phone numbers of every city resident, are long gone. We now use vCard, a little electronic file that stores all the information from the Yellow Pages plus a few extra features, instead of the Yellow Pages due to technological advancements. However, with the advent of spreadsheets, data processing has become simpler. One such spreadsheet program that offers calculating features in addition to graphing tools, pivot tables, and many other features is Microsoft Excel.

This blog is for you if you want to convert an Excel file into a vCard! We will review the rationale for using the Excel to vCard Converter and the manual ways to create a vCard file. Read this blog till the end to learn everything!

Motives for Converting Excel Spreadsheet Files into vCard:

There are several justifications for using Excel to create a vCard file, including:

  • Since vCard files are multi-application files, they can be readily opened and used with various devices and programs.
  • While XLSX or XLS files can only be accessed in Excel, vCard files are readily available.
  • Your PC or mobile device will require less storage space when using vCard files.
  • These reasons underline how crucial converting an Excel spreadsheet into a vCard format is. Continue reading to learn about the solutions we will be discussing!

Use Google Contacts to Spreadsheet Files into vCard:

Your Google account’s contact directory, Google Contacts, is available on all devices and from any location. Since the first approach discussed above is fairly complex, exporting the Excel CSV file into vCard using Google Contacts is best. To convert an Excel XLSX file into a VCF file, follow these steps:

  • Launch the Gmail app on your computer.
  • Click on the Google Apps menu and choose Contacts.
  • In the upper right corner, click the Import symbol.
  • To start the Excel file import procedure, click the Select File box, choose the saved CSV file, and then click Import.
  • Select vCard as the output format by clicking the output icon now.
  • The contacts in the CSV file will be exported in the vCard format when you click Export.

Due to its length and time-consuming nature, the manual approach of creating a vCard file from Excel eventually becomes useless. For those who do not know, Windows Contacts is a scientific function. Because of these drawbacks, the automated approach is ideal for producing a vCard from an Excel sheet.

Automated Process: vCard to Spreadsheet Files into vCard

An automatic application that quickly converts/shifts an Excel file .XLS into a vCard is the ideal answer, as the time-consuming manual approach of producing a vCard file from Excel is no longer an option. We’ll talk about Softaken Excel to vCard Converter, a piece of software that can assist you in converting an Excel file into a vCard file.

Here are a few of the tool’s features:

  • The interface has a single panel for ease of use.
  • Organize Excel contacts into a single vCard file.
  • When matching the information with the Excel file, auto-mapping is helpful.
  • Work with all Windows OS versions.
  • There is no need to download multiple pieces of software to convert Excel contacts to the VCF file format.
  • It is fully safe and has no chance of data corruption or loss.

How can I convert an Excel sheet into a vCard file?

  • After installing the Softaken Excel to VCF Converter Tool, open it.
  • To add the Excel contact’s file, click Select.
  • Select the converted file(s) destination by clicking Save As.
  • Click the Save all contacts in one VCF file box if you want all of your contacts in one vCard file. The program automatically scans the Excel file’s contact fields.
  • To customize the contact field mapping, use the Select button. Verify the mapped contact fields one more time.
  • Checking the Set vCard Encoding box will set the encoding for the Excel file conversion.
  • Click Convert to begin the file conversion.
  • After a few minutes, the whole file conversion process is finished, and your converted vCard file(s) will automatically open at the desired location.

Getting the Final Thoughts

With the advent of spreadsheets and vCard files, we now live more comfortably in terms of technology. These two contemporary advances have altered how individuals manage essential data and save contacts. Spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel can do calculations, provide graphing features, and much more. This blog post explained converting an Excel worksheet into a vCard file manually and automatically.

By hand, the Excel file is first converted to CSV, and then the CSV file is transformed into vCard using Google Contacts or Windows Contacts. However, this procedure is impractical due to how long it takes. Conversely, this automated program makes it simple for non-technical users to convert an Excel file into a vCard.

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