Several Ways How Video Conferencing Can Triple Your Business Productivity

How Video Conferencing Can Triple Your Business

A poor video/audio conference connection diminishes the productivity at a cost up to $34 billion (€26 billion) each year.

Video conferencing, the term revolutionized the entire business communication. Theoretically, Video conferencing diminished a lot of logistical issues that sinks the connectivity during work days, that’s where it plays a huge role in giving the visual human touch with clear audio and high-resolution visuals.

Conferencing isn’t only meant for business to client, business to customers, it has a variety of use cases based on the wallet sizes. Conferencing is primarily based on the purpose and type of meetings, discussions taking place.

A variety of Video/Audio Conferencing Purposes Based on Needs

  • Customer-centric conferencing
  • Meetings/Discussions/Presentations
  • Educational Conferencing
  • Recruiting
  • Entertainment/Content Creators
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil/Gas for connecting multiple sites

Apart from its use cases, video conferencing apps have some absolute trendsetter which periodically enhances the performance and efficiency based on the use cases.

Video Conferencing App Trends

1. Cloud Infrastructure

In the past, video conferencing software was installed on complex room-sized procedures and installations where the usability of on-premises data storage is high. Now, with the implementation of video conferencing API for web/iOS and Android and cloud-based solutions, assist in setting up and managing the conference calls for business more effectively.

2. 4K Video Capability

With the advancement in software technology, the quality of the video chat web and mobile app is improvising with effective use of low-latency. In the meantime, holographic business calls are into the action to make it a reality.

3. Conference Video Rooms System

With a dynamic blend of hardware and software, it’s possible to create a unified communication to extend the standard-based conference system. White-board combination also gets its phase to enhance cloud-based video conferencing anywhere to get the work done.

Some Biggest Pain Points That Video Conferencing Users Face On a Daily Basis

  • Security concerns are the top-rated issues pointed by professionals when it comes to meeting, discussions of highly confidential projects.
  • Addition of concurrent users during a webinar/meeting. Lacks in the scalability issues of the video conferencing apps.
  • Poor network connection or lack of bandwidth results in loss of business and production.

Finding the Root Cause for the Solution

A strong connection is meant to pass all IT related information and confidential business strategies. But the point here to address the biggest pain points in video conferencing is the lack of technology. An ideal video conferencing solution is made of advanced infrastructure that results in providing an effective and simplest way to connect with overseas under a secure roof. Mirror fly has the kind of what video conferencing is said to be.

Mirrorfly – Defining All Your Conferencing Needs

Mirrorfly is revolutionizing the video chat demand by providing video conferencing API/SDK for Android, iOS & web applications enriched with some ideal features. The WebRTC embedded video conferencing solution offers a robust range of features from one-to-one conferencing with more than 25 numbers of participants.

Mirrorfly - Conferencing SDK

Apart from the top-notch features and functionalities that Mirrorfly offers, the solution sorts out the several questions that often asked by video conference users.

  • How many participants I can have in my conferencing calls?
  • How often I can be using video conferencing?
  • What kind of integration and additional functionality do I need?
  • What level of audio and visual quality I will get with your video conferencing solution?
  • How secure can your video network be?

Mirrorfly understands every need for video/audio conferencing to collaborate and improve the productivity of your business. On top of it, Mirrorfly infrastructure is contrived with some exemplary highlights as follows.

Some Flawless Highlights for An Absolute Video Conferencing Experience

1. Extensive Scalability

Mirrorfly video conferencing isn’t limited to a minimum number of participants, the solution is designed in such a way to host large-scale video conferences with no limitation of data.

2. Cost-effective

The video conferencing solution is completely a one-time payment where any number of video conferences can be hosted irrespective of time and duration. Mirrorfly enables to add, configure & customize features and functionalities based on your conference purposes without involving into the model of subscription.

3. Interoperability

Mirrorfly supports several end-to-end connections regardless of device, platform, such as Android, iOS and Web applications. Whether connecting a remote employee or conducting meetings across overseas, integration of video conferencing app across platforms is more effective with Mirrorfly through an absolute set of APIs & SDKs.

4. Virtual Meeting Rooms

It’s a kinda future communication era built for enterprise and professionals to connect with employees through virtualized bridging services to jump on to the meeting or discussions on the go.

5. Security

One of the prime factors in video conferencing services, Mirrorfly makes it easy and effective to stay connected under an end-to-end encrypted platform to host meetings and discussions. Mirrorfly cloud infrastructure is embedded with AES encryption, 3-level authorization, and SSL encryption to keep private meetings secure.

6. Infrastructure

Getting the right technology is the key to an effective video conferencing network. Thus, Mirrorfly’ conferencing is built on WebRTC, low-latency, and a package of API/SDK to customize your own video conferencing app with multiple features.

Benefits You Can Get With Mirror fly Video Conferencing

1. Enhance Customer Communication

With video conferencing, calls and discussions between customer and clients are handled very effectively and quickly, which in result improves the productivity of the business.

2. Every Need in One Solution

A video conferencing app for Android, iOS and Web drastically handles the entire need for an organization, enterprise or business to make effective meetings, project discussions on the go.

3. Low Cost, More effective

With minimal input of cost which is completely a one-time payment, experience a higher rate of video conferences for multiple purposes to enhance your business productivity by 94%.

4. On-the-go access

A single video conferencing solution offers accessibility on multiple devices which means businesses are reachable at any time, any devices to create a unified video/audio conferencing experiences.


Video conferencing can be run from a basic desktop to mobile phone, businesses are reaping the benefits of conferencing for an ideal collaborative act with clients and business assets. Choosing the ideal video conferencing platform is quite significant to improve the overall communication, build relationships and increase productivity.

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