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Importance of SSL Certificates on Banking Websites

Do your websites have SSL Certificates? You are sharing data which need to be secured or are you afraid that your website...

SSL certificates

Do your websites have SSL Certificates?

You are sharing data which need to be secured or are you afraid that your website can be hacked.

Well, then this post of mine is for you.

The main target of the criminals for identity theft will be the banks and financial institutions. There is no doubt that although there are many software and advanced techniques available to increase the cyber security, the spammers are becoming very proficient in creating fraudulent links, which claims to be banks and financial institutions. This not only fears the banks but also the customers in holding their account with them. But the introduction of Ev SSL Certificate brings peace of mind to both the banks and the customers.

What is SSL Certificate?

The use of SSL certificate is becoming a reliable attempt in the financial world. It has become an integral part to protect the identity of customers. Today, every bank has started using the high-tech SSL certificates software to power the entire online networks. There is no doubt that this SSL certificate can protect every interaction and financial transaction in which the customers are involved.

What is EV SSL?

Extended Validation SSL Certificate gives increased security to the website. By securing the website with EV SSL, the address bar on customer’s browser will turn green. This directly and simply tells the customers who are visiting the website that the website has passed through strict authentication. This will increase the trust of the customers on the bank or financial institution.

Regardless of the certificate authority the bank approach like Symantec DigiCert or Thawte, every EV certificate will meet the same requirements of security with a green bar.

Why is EV SSL Certificate for Banking needed?

Facts to know about EV SSL Certificate

  • EV certificate is the new category of SSL certificate.

  • This was created to mainly increase customers’ confidence in online communication and reduce the threat of phishing attacks.

  • Helps to detect website forgeries easily.

  • Assures that the website you access matches the certificate that was granted.

  • Ensures that the owner of the current website has been verified.

  • Encrypts and validates all communication from and to the website.

  • Gives warning about phishing sites.

Role of EV SSL Certificate in Creating Trust

It is not only the banks and financial institutions, but even the e-commerce merchants have started using SSL certificates to protect their customers. This certificate will ensure that any online transactions will remain confidential. These EV SSL certificates are provided by the Certification Authorities. Building the trust of customers is crucial for reliable and successful online services, especially which deal with finance and sensitive data.

The EV SSL certificates will definitely allow the customers to easily distinguish between the inspected online business and those not verified. By using this certificate, your online business indicates that you take the security of your customers seriously.

The web browsers like Chrome, Opera, Explorer, Firefox and Comodo Dragon will allow the users to visibly distinguish your website as verified and secured with the address bar turning green when the customer visits the website with EV SSL Certificate.

Who needs EV SSL Certificates?

  • High profile websites with the increased chances of phishing attacks.

  • Major brands, financial institutions and banks and other websites serving the public or a huge crowd.

  • Used in all applications that require visible trust, strong encryption, and identity assurance.

  • Web sites collecting data, processing online payments, and logins.

Why should you consider EV SSL Certificate for your website?

  • To show your users that your website is safe and secure to use.

  • To differentiate yourself from your competitors.

  • To increase visitor’s confidences and boost conversion rate.

  • Align with larger and trusted companies using EV SSL certificate.

Choosing a Reputable Certificate Authority

Besides knowing the benefits and importance of using EV SSL Certificate, it is now time to select a good and reputable Certificate Authority that could help you get expected certification at best price. Here follow a few tips to help you choose the right Certificate Authority:

  • Consider the diligence of the security used by the CA to protect cryptographic keys. This should be specifically designed to defend against attack. It should be hardware-based cryptographic signature systems. It should provide a complete network security and antimalware defense.

  • CA should use best practices of registration/ authentication to identify the ownership.

  • Should enforce dual control certificate issuance, which is used by the vendor.

  • CA should conduct background investigations, especially to protect against insider threat.

  • CA should have a strong history of vendor’s security and trust.

Tips for the Consumers:

Although the bank websites take enough measures to protect their online portal with EV SSL certificate and increase the security, the customers or visitors also have the equal responsibility in ensuring if they are visiting only inspected and secured website. Here follow a few steps to guide the visitors/customers ensure visiting the protected website:

  • Try to update your browser software to get latest valid root keys.

  • Visit websites only with green URL address bar, which implies EV SSL certificate.

  • Visit websites with recognized security trust mark, like Norton Secured Seal.

  • Click websites with “https” in the URL.

  • Use strong passwords and try to change your passwords regularly.

These actions can help visitors of the financial institution or bank websites to engage in secured transactions and interactions.

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Final Notes:

It may not become possible for an online website to always check for threats and constantly update their security. However, by using the EV SSL Certificate, you not only protect your website and business or online transactions but also increase the trust of your customers. Perhaps, although this certificate brings a high level of security to the websites, it still becomes important to choose renowned and reliable Certificate Authority.

Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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