6 Ways to Make Friends as a Transfer Student

Student transfers can happen because one wants to switch to a course not offered on the original campus or because they do...

how to make friends in college as a transfer student

Student transfers can happen because one wants to switch to a course not offered on the original campus or because they do not fancy the environment in their current institution. As a transfer student, your social life is essential since it contributes to your smooth settling into the new environment. Once you make new friends, moving around and even class discussions will be much easier. Therefore, prioritize making new friends if you plan to transfer to colleges. If you do not know how to go about this, here are some tips to help you.  

Join a Club

Friends as a Transfer Student

Several clubs and organizations in colleges hold their meetings over the weekends or after classes. You should purpose to join one of the clubs if you are a transfer student. It is a great way to start making friends who have similar interests. 

Clubs offer a perfect environment for socializing and will help you maximize your interactions in and out of campus. Even better, if you want to make friends, you can join clubs with the largest number of teams and conversations around campus. 

Join a Study Group 

Study groups are the best way to blend when joining a new campus. Most people in these groups are welcoming of a new member as long as you are studious and you make a solid contribution. Additionally, in a study group, at least all of you have one goal: to be better in your academic work, and it is thus an excellent place to start. 

After finishing the day’s group work, most groups hang out together for coffee or games. Therefore, such settings are good for a new student since you will be growing academically and socially; talk of killing two birds with one stone! Study groups are also essential since they may help you handle a tough essay that might have forced you to look for a paper writing service.

Try To Make One or Two Acquaintances 

Making acquaintances is an excellent place to start making friends since they might show you around campus and introduce you to other people. Making a dozen friends in your new school can be overwhelming. So finding one or two friends is a good way to start. 

Staying without friends can result in loneliness. Therefore, you need to find at least one or two nice people who can make your days in the new school more fun. 

Enroll In an Elective Class That Has a Social Aspect 

Aside from joining clubs, taking up a class that has a social element is also a good way to build your friendship circle. For example, an art class accords students with an opportunity to collaborate and have conversations about projects.

Therefore, after joining the new institution, enroll yourself in such classes. It will boost your academics, and you can have fun while meeting and having conversations with new people. In such classes, projects are handled in groups, making it easier even to go about schoolwork. Thus, you may not require the best assignment services to help with your coursework. 

Go Out

As a transfer student, you will not be living in freshmen hostels where people will pop up to say hi at any time. You will probably be located in the upper-level students’ hostels or rent off-campus, which makes it easy to lock yourself in your room the entire day writing master papers or watching movies. Well, this should not be the case. It would be best to resist the urge to stay indoors. 

Step out and build a social circle to help you have a fun campus life. The campus has several events and activities that you can take part in. For example, if there is a tree planting activity, be sure to join them and any other exciting events that align with your interests. 

Talk to Your Neighbor during the Transfer Student Orientation

how to make friends as a transfer student

Make conversations with the student you met during orientation. It is great to understand why the other student is transferring and they’re take on the new school. You can also share your experiences of making new friends, joining a new class, and the studying method variations between your old school and the new institution. They might turn out to be your new best friend. 

Final Thoughts

Do not feel like an outsider in your new school. Maximize your interactions to get more acquainted with the new environment. Remember, you do not have to reinvent yourself; be yourself, and the right friends will come along. Also, do not be afraid to shed off clingy friends or those that do not match your energy and interests.


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