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Artificial Intelligence companies in the World

Artificial Intelligence is growing very fastly and enables machines to use, understand, and respond like human beings. Many companies in the world...

Artificial Intelligence Companies

Artificial Intelligence is growing very fastly and enables machines to use, understand, and respond like human beings. Many companies in the world are investing in the Artificial Intelligence industry. And in this article, we will tell the top Artificial Intelligence companies in the world which have the power to shape our future.

Best Artificial Intelligence Companies in the World

1. Amazon

Today everybody knows about amazon. Amazon is a big player in the eCommerce business and has also invested in the Artificial Intelligence business. Amazon’s famous product Alexa is based on AI language combined with a speaker. They launched their entire series of Alexa speakers known as echo devices, which is very popular in the world and is competing with the Google home devices. 

top artificial intelligence companies

Amazon also has a web services platform based on machine learning and trained services for businesses. Amazon web services currently have more than 5000 customers, including NASA, Netflix, etc.

2. Apple

Apple is a well-known brand in the electronics business. Everybody knows about their Iphone and Macbooks. And Apple is present in the AI business. They are obtaining many small AI start-ups. Apple specially appointed people for their AI and machine learning department. Apple uses AI in their products like Siri and planning to use AI in their MacOS to create courses for their apps.

3. DJI

DJI is for their best drones. It is the first Chinese company or start-up on our list. DJI company is very popular for recognizing drones. The company has captured 70% of the drone market share globally and entered the AI business. The drones of the latest generations use AI technology and image stability and recognize obstacles to avoid crashes. DJI is partnering with Microsoft for a drone computer project. 

list of artificial intelligence companies

4. Facebook

In the future, Artificial Intelligence will play an important role in business, and companies will start investing heavily in the AI market; Facebook is one of the companies that started investing in AI. Facebook also made a group to research AI to increase their machine intelligence and develop new technologies. Facebook is working on AI to find new and better ways to communicate with each other, enhance the power of their machines and provide people with an easy way to communicate with each other.

Artificial Intelligence Companies

5. Google

If we are talking about technology and machines, Google is always on the list. Google invests in the AI market and takeover many small start-ups to increase their network. They are working on Artificial Intelligence to develop new products. Google Home is like Amazon Alexa, and Google home is also a smart speaker and a virtual assistant like Alexa. Most people use an Android phone, and Google developed the android phone OS. You get the latest android updates every time. But making this process easier and faster, Google is planning to use AI in their business.

Top Artificial Intelligence companies in the World

6. HiSilicon

HiSilicon is for its processor chips and is the chip manufacturer of Huawei. Huawei is a company making smartphones and other electronic items. Huawei smartphones are powered with the latest and fastest kirin processors, and HiSilicon uses AI to develop the processors and enhance the smartphone’s performance. Kirin 980 processor is based on AI technology and can do several things like object recognition, face recognition, and translation of speed. If every chip manufacturer uses AI in smartphone chip manufacturing in the future, then smartphone chips will be more powerful than laptops.

7. IBM

IBM is a well-known multinational company in the world. They are working on AI since 1950. IBM uses machine learning language with AI in their business. They use machine learning in their support services. They are providing services to other companies, and in the birth of Artificial intelligence, IBM was also involved with other companies.

Artificial Intelligence companies in the World

8. Intel

Today everyone uses computers and laptops, and everyone knows about Intel. Intel is very popular and involved in making computer processors. They are the biggest computer chip producers and use AI in their processors. Intel acquired companies involved in AI and deep learning language. Movidius is used in Artificial Intelligence applications. Intel is also working with Microsoft to bring AI for regular use.

Artificial Intelligence Companies

9. Microsoft

Like many popular companies, Microsoft is involved in Artificial Intelligence with consumers and many other businesses. Microsoft AI assistant is also available and giving competition to google assistant and Alexa. Microsoft also developed a machine learning service and provides services to the biggest companies in the world. They are purchasing some AI companies to expand their AI business in the world.

Artificial Intelligence companies in the World

10. Nvidia

Nvidia is a familiar company and is one of the world’s biggest and longest established AI companies and uses AI in its processors. Their graphics processor are based on AI and young students prefer the Nvidia processor for video editing and heavy gaming. They use AI in their processors for better performance. Nvidia is using AI in vehicle manufacturing and AI driving.

11. Twitter

Like every other big company, Twitter is also acquiring small AI start-ups to expand its business into AI. They acquired four companies that are doing good in the AI business and developing machine learning through AI, and the second company is working on web and visual processing. Twitter wants to improve its systems with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

11. Qualcomm

Qualcomm is one of the biggest producers of processors, and like Hisilicon, they also manufacture their processors. Now they are using AI in their chip manufacturing like their latest processors are made of AI. Snapdragon 8 gen1 is the latest processor is manufactured using Artificial Intelligence. Most of the popular smartphones are powered by snapdragon processors. If you want that your smartphone is powered with AI, you can use smartphones that are powered with snapdragon processors.

Top Artificial Intelligence companies in the World


These are the biggest companies in the world of Artificial Intelligence and if you find this article helpful please share this article. And let us know in the comments.

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    What a list. The evolution of A.I. is amazing. It is unfolding in front of our eyes. I personally believe there will be a lot of good with the evolution of the artificial intelligence. It will be the best tool we’ve developed.

    Thanks for sharing the list! I’ve not heard of a couple companies here.


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