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What Is a BKF File? How To Restore BKF Files in the Computer System?

What is a backup file in Computer? Many users want to take a backup of their files but don’t know the right...

What Is a BKF File? How To Restore BKF Files in the Computer System?

What is a backup file in Computer? Many users want to take a backup of their files but don’t know the right approach to do it. If you too don’t know the right way, then worry not as this blog will prove as useful for you. BKF file format is used to save backup files in the NT series of Windows like Windows XP. The NTBackup utility was inbuilt within the Operation System until Windows XP. Thus, various users take back up data through the NTBackup Tool in Windows XP. But, later they realized that the latest versions of Windows lacked this utility. 

Now, what can one do? This blog will explain different methods to restore their data from the .bkf file format after upgrading. Users often take a backup of their files as there is always the fear of data loss among users. Data Loss can occur due to accidental deletion or corruption. At that time Data backup confirms the safety of the user’s data. 

Now, as you already learned, what is a backup file in a computer? So let’s move further. This blog will explain procedures to restore BKF files in Windows 10, 8.

How to Restore BKF file in Windows 10 Via Some DIY Methods?

As I told earlier that in Windows Vista and later OS utility was replaced by the Windows Backup and Restore tool. This new tool works on the VHD (Virtual hard disk) file format. Whereas, the NT Backup tool works on a proprietary backup format (BKF) to back up files.

Now, suppose earlier users take the backup in Windows XP through the NTBackup tool. But at present, he is a user of Windows Vista, 7 or the latest version that doesn’t support the NTBackup tool.now what will he do to restore its BKF file?  No clue at all. Well, users can still use the NTbackup tool in the new versions of OS by following the procedures to make them available.  

  • For this, use an older version of the Windows system, i.e. Windows XP or any other prior one. Visit the location, C: WindowsSystem32. Discover the NTBackup folder, replicate the files, and save them in a new folder. Then, migrate these files to the local system via any removable storage device.
  • Or, download the NTBackup tool from the Internet.

Method 1:Try Windows NT Backup Restore Utility to restore BKF file Windows 10

The main purpose of the Windows NT Backup Restore Utility is to reinstall data from a .bkf archive. One can restore NTBackup’s BKF archives in Windows through Microsoft’s Windows NT Backup Restore Utility.

  1. First, download and install the Windows NT Backup Restore Utility for Windows 7.
  2. Then, users can initiate the Windows NT Backup Restore Utility by using the following steps. These are – Start menu>Programs> Accessories> System Tools.
  1. All files are restored to their native location. If users want a particular alternate location then, tap on the Advanced button.
  2. Tap on Finish.
  3. Users can set their advanced options for restoring purposes by tapping the Advanced button. To proceed further with the defaults, tap on the Ok button.

At last, the .bkf archive will be restored to the native location or in a particular folder.

Method 2: Try Windows XP’s NTBackup Tool to restore backup file Windows 10

Windows XP’s NTBackup feasible runs with Windows Vista & 7. It also offers the supporting DLLs that are present with the NTBackup.exe in a similar folder. These two DLL files are mentioned below:

  • ntmsapi.dll
  • vssapi.dll

If the user doesn’t use these modules then ultimately errors will pop-up. As a result, users will be unable to run NTBackup.exe.

Reinstall a .bkf File via NTBackup

  1. First, Download nt5backup.msi.
  2. Now, take out the files inside the cabinet file to the desired folder.
  3. Right-tap NTBackup.exe and select Run as Administrator.
  4. NTBackup specifies Removable Storage service has been cleared in Windows Vista & higher. So users needed tape backups. Tap OK.
  5. Tap Next in the Welcome to Backup or Restore Wizard page.
  6. Then, pick Restore files and settings >> tap Next
  7. After that, Tap Browse. discover on the .bkf the file that you wish to restore, and tap OK.
  8. Now, in the restore wizard, choose the files/folders > tap Next.
  9. Tap the Advanced button
  10. Choose the Alternate position from the dropdown, and state the destination path.

Then, configure the restore options correspondingly.

  1. Tap Next, then tap on Finish.

In this way, users can reinstall the contents of the NTBackup .bkf file.

Users can easily restore their BKF files by using these tricks. If they can’t, it means some corrupt or damaged files that need to be repaired first. In this situation, users should try the third-party tool as it will be a better option for them.

Users can BKF Recovery to recover their data from a corrupt and damaged Windows BKF File. The utility runs with all versions of Windows such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows XP, and Windows 2000.

Last words

This blog explained what is the backup file on the computer? Also, different methods are provided here to backup BKF files into the system. Users can use these approaches to restore their backup files. If not, then they have to fix the corruption first, users can fix this by using a third-party tool.


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