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Byju’s App Review

Have you ever wondered “why do we learn what we are taught and what are the practical relevances of the textbook topics?”....

Byju's App Review

Have you ever wondered “why do we learn what we are taught and what are the practical relevances of the textbook topics?”. May be not. Most of us just believe blindly in our education system though it only promotes ‘rat-race’ amongst the students and lacks a global approach. Also, as the teachers have limited resources, the students fail to visualize the topics which sometimes force them to mug things without understanding.

Today’s education system lacks to promote individualism and critical outlook among the students and hence at the end everything comes to getting more marks just by mugging the lessons. With these drawbacks, our present education system needs some serious reforms to uplift the learning morale of the students.

As the impact of technology on education has many positive benefits, it is now very crucial to implement digital learning in the education process. Thus, to revolutionize learning and overcome the aforementioned drawbacks, Byju’s app was launched.

With over a million users, the Byju’s e-learning app has become a great supplement for learning apart from schools and tuitions. With the integration of expert teachers and technology, learning now has no bounds, and the students can experience a whole new approach towards education.

How Byju’s App is changing the way students learn

As the traditional education system has various constraints, Byju’s e-learning app has replaced the monotonous educational outlook with technology and use various methods to make learning more interesting, interactive and effective. Some, important and distinct key features of Byju’s- learning app are mentioned here which proves that the app is a “revolutionary learning supplement.”

  1. Complete Visualizations with 3D Animations and In-air Projections

The lessons become a lot easier and easy to remember when the concepts are properly visualized. In the traditional classrooms, the teachers are limited to only the writing board to make the students understand the concepts. However, many of the students could not synchronize the complex concepts with the teacher’s explanation and end up learning nothing.

This constraint is completely overcome in the Byju’s app as the lessons have implemented 3D animations and In-air projections to make students understand and visualize everything in detail. As the students visualize, their retention of the knowledge also improves significantly, and they can now remember the lessons for longer durations. Now, every lesson can be easily visualized- be it simple physics or the complex 3D Geometry.

  1. Improved Personalized Education with Adaptive Learning

As the students have their own distinct pace of learning, it is very important to make the learning process adapt to every individual’s need. So, the Byju’s app has implemented the adaptive learning to personalize learning. So, students can now learn at their own pace and get their progress report to know their weak and strong areas.

The app also presents the materials and questions according to individual learning needs according to their responses and experiences. Thus, the students will never feel left-off or bored as it is seen in the traditional classes where if a student fails to adapt to the learning pace, gets bored of the lessons and eventually get uninterested in the class.

  1. Numerous Test-series with Detailed Analysis Report

The students can take numerous tests from every topic and get the detailed report about their performance. Through this, the students can now know which topics they are weak at. The tests are also adaptive which means the level of difficulty of the questions changes according to the response of the students.

There are also various national level mock tests for JEE exams, AIPMT, etc. so that the students can get accustomed to the pattern of the respective exams and know how well can they score on a national level mock test. This helps the students to analyze themselves and improve accordingly.

  1. Lessons are Brain-mapped and Universal

One may wonder that according to which board are the lessons made and will the lectures be suitable for them or not. Well, the lectures in Byju’s app are already brain-mapped according to the topics so that the students can learn every basic concept that may be required in the progressive lessons.

So, the lessons are such designed that students from every CBSE, ICSE or any other board of a particular class can learn their lessons from the app. The students will be introduced to every topic from their syllabus and can learn effectively.

  1. Provide Personal Mentors to Clear Every Doubt

Doubts are sure to arise whenever one learns something and thus every student is assigned a personal mentor who is responsible for clear every doubt the students face. So, none of the students need to wait or bundle up their doubts to be solved later.

As time is very crucial for everyone, the mentors try to attend the doubts quickly and give them the best answers. The mentors also assist the students by counseling and providing them with additional notes to improve their learning experience.

These are probably the reasons that numerous students are enrolling themselves with Byju’s mobile and tablet learning for the exams like JEE, IAS, CAT, etc. and show consistent success ratios every year. With various awards and honorary mentions, Byju’s is now the most recognized ed-tech company in the country with almost a million students enjoying their learning effectively.

With such engaging videos, students are bound to learn for themselves rather than for the exams. With this, the education system will improve, and the students are sure to fall in love with learning.

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Written by Souvik Bhattacharjee
With a degree in Engineering, Souvik Bhattacharjee is a content writer by profession. He loves writing and blogging along with part-time teaching. He is presently exploring all about the digital education with Byju’s-the Learning App

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  1. WOW, don’t I wish something like that was available when I was in school, it would certainly have helped. I love the idea of being able to go at your own pace as well as the multi-sensory ways the information will be received. They say the more of your senses you use when learning, the longer and better you will remember it. This seems like it will help a ton of students! Great post, thank you!

  2. That personal mentoring seems like a strong factor Souvik. Gotta get folks 1 to 1 help to make the greatest impact and allow those lessons to sink in,

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