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How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name in 10 Easy Steps?

As they often say, the first impression is always how something looks, rather than the contents of its character. No matter how...

How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name in 10 Easy Steps?

As they often say, the first impression is always how something looks, rather than the contents of its character. No matter how much education you have, you have to look smart to convince anyone when it comes to first impressions. The same proves to be right for web pages.

The first time people look at a webpage is not the time they see the graphic or animation, the bright colors, or the pretty font. No, the first time they see your webpage is the link written down on a piece of paper or in an email, and that is what counts as your first impression. You can get all kinds of cheap names at some XYZ.io domain selling sites. However, will that help your website stand out?

What is a good domain name? We tell you in this article and explain how to catch every eye and turn every head. Here are ten things that all good domain names need to be:

#1. Easy to Type

You know about that one village in Wales, right? The one with the largest name for a settlement in the world? If you were to make a webpage for that village, would you put its name in the domain? How much time do you think it would take to type it without making any errors? People would lose more time trying to spell the thing than on the actual site.

Keep these in mind when creating your unique name:

  1. Don’t use any words that are difficult to type;
  2. Due to a lower rate of attention, most internet users will want to simply click on a link and get it over with.

#2. Short

Building off the previous point, a domain name shouldn’t be very long. Make it short, make it snappy, and make it something anyone can type in a few seconds. That means it will be more accessible to the masses, and they will spend more time actually on your site than complaining about how long the name is and moving on to other things.

#3. Containing Keywords

Keywords exist everywhere, and the best way to gain traction on search engines is to use the most prominent keyword related to the business directly in the name.IT helps you funnel traffic and climb the ranks of the search results. It will also ensure that people know what the company is about without a Google search.

#4. Be Local

If the business is local, you could have the city or town’s name in the URL. This helps create a sense of belonging and advertises where you are from, where you are based, and whose interests you have at heart. It is going to make the community at large feel very welcome at your place and bring you more loyalty.

#5. No Numbers or Hyphens

When a site has a number in the name, and you hear it for the first time, how do you decide if it’s alphabetical or numerical? And what about dashes and hyphens? Confusion regarding these is widespread, so avoid them wherever you can.

#6. Memorable

Any good name needs to be memorable enough that people can replicate it from memory. This is where simplicity helps. If the name is memorable, people will be more likely to remember it, talk about it, and recommend it to others.

#7. Well Researched

Create a brand name that isn’t already taken. This helps everyone avoid legal proceedings and helps make the name more unique. As such, research is something you should devote a lot of time to.

#8. Have a Proper Extension

If the business is a coffeehouse and you named the domain californiacharlies, then consider getting the extension coffee. That way, you have everything you need right there on the domain name to tell all your customers what kind of business it is and what they might expect. A fun extension is also branding and can become a talking point among customers.

#9. Protective of the Brand

Make a point to buy a variety of extensions for the web page, as well as versions of your name that contain common typos, to safeguard your brand. This prohibits your competitors from registering different versions and guarantees that your clients will be led to your page, even if they make a typo in the URL.

#10. Bought Quickly

Domain names are in high demand. You can register your favorite names as soon as feasible while they’re cheap. Domain registrars will propose alternative names during your search if you’re having problems locating an available name.

In Summary

These ten tips should help your domain name to stand out. Now that you know how to choose a website name, make the best choices possible and push your business to success.


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Written by Khrystyna Andrukh
SEO Marketing Specialist

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