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Social Media Marketing: How Exactly Is Artificial Intelligence Going To Revolutionise The Field Of Social Media Marketing?

The presence of artificial intelligence on social media is more pervasive than many people think, especially in our day-to-day lives.  It is...

artificial intelligence on social media

The presence of artificial intelligence on social media is more pervasive than many people think, especially in our day-to-day lives. 

It is not a secret that social media marketers employ artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to improve the functionality of their platforms and provide users with an experience that is more personalized and entertaining.

After all, the filters that you apply on Instagram stories are driven by artificial intelligence technology that monitors your facial characteristics and motions. 

This information is then used by augmented reality technology to superimpose a different visual on top of the original image. If you think that’s impressive, just know that it’s the tip of the iceberg when it comes to AI’s applications in social media.

In today’s post, we will discuss how deeply ingrained AI has grown in social media marketers.

Investigate the Data of Your Rivals in Depth

Because it is so simple to set up a profile on social media, many companies, both large and small, are already using these sites to promote their wares and services.

A competition of this nature calls for ongoing observation and investigation. Because of this, it is advantageous to enlist the assistance of AI technologies that are able to comb through the data of one’s competitors by keeping track of their reach, audience engagement, user satisfaction, and so on.

If you are aware of these crucial facts, you will be able to modify your social media approach in order to get an advantage over your rivals.

Organize and Streamline Your Social Media Content

The process of content curation is where artificial intelligence has made one of the most significant contributions to social networking.

Writing and language tools that are powered by AI, such as Grammarly, Jarvis, WordTune, and others, can:

  • Improve content quality
  • Make sure your grammar and spelling are correct.
  • Complete the sentences or carry on.

It will be a breeze to write content that is interesting for your social platforms if you check for plagiarism and make use of a wide range of other features offered by this tool.

These AI writing tools have become big assistance for both seasoned and novice authors, who can now count on them to continuously crank out more high-quality content. Those who are new to writing can also benefit from their use.

Content Management for Social Media

A few of the numerous time-consuming tasks that Ai tools assist marketers with are managing, scheduling, posting, organizing, developing hashtags, and shortening links. These are just a few of the many tasks. As a result, they have more time to focus on content curation, innovation, marketing concepts, the construction of campaigns, and other similar activities.

These AI management solutions can, in addition to developing effective methods for the operation of your social media platforms and automating chores, monitor and analyze the results of your campaign, and locate niche-specific influencers who can enhance your profiles. 

Platforms such as Buffer, Edgar, Elink, and Buzzsumo have gained a significant amount of traction among social media marketers for these specific reasons.

Utilize AI Chatbots for Your Social Media Platforms

Ai semantic recognition chatbots have made it possible for even startups and small organizations to provide round-the-clock customer assistance without incurring the exorbitant costs previously associated with doing so. 

Human customer care representatives are still valuable; yet, due to their limitations, they can only work with one consumer at a time. These chatbots are able to take on several customers at the same time and provide them with real-time support in the language of their choosing.

In addition, this is a wonderful tool for influencers who don’t have the time to answer each of the thousands of direct messages they receive on an individual basis. AI chatbots are able to take over that process while maintaining an atmosphere that values authentic engagement. 

Ai chatbots are an indispensable instrument for influencers and marketers thanks to these features, as well as the data collecting, statistics, and insights they provide.

Employ Intelligence and Social Listening in Your Strategy

The idea that one’s smartphone is constantly listening in on them is a running joke among friends these days, and they’re not entirely wrong about it. Platforms like Hubspot, Socialbackers, Hootsuite, and Sprout Social, amongst others, all provide clients with the social listening option. This feature is a terrific tool to use when seeking insights that explicitly mention and connect to your brand or product as well as your competitors.

The artificial intelligence technology that is used by these platforms may evaluate posts on social media, predict trends, listen to what people are discussing about your company, and develop ways to attract new audiences by leveraging the data that is collected. In addition, you can improve your search engine rankings by making use of social listening for SEO objectives.

Utilizing AI for Marketing Purposes on Social Media

There is a limit to how much you can expand utilizing organic efforts thanks to every algorithm that prefers sponsored advertisements; therefore, advertisements are an essential component of any comprehensive social media plan.

Creating advertisements for numerous social networks can be a chore that requires a lot of time. You may, however, now delegate the management of your Facebook and Instagram ads to marketing platforms that are backed by artificial intelligence, such as Pattern 89 or HubSpot.

They are able to write captions, design photos, add call-to-action buttons, monitor the length of the promotion, and perform other similar tasks. The advertisements that are produced by AI are also able to assess the level of success and performance achieved by the campaigns, as well as provide suggestions regarding how these aspects of marketing could be enhanced for use in the future.

Consider the Following Insights and Analysis in Great Detail

Platforms that use AI and machine learning provide users with access to crucial information, which in turn enables users to improve their marketing decisions. This is another key benefit of using such technologies.

These systems will collect and analyze data regarding your customers’ behaviors, such as the following examples:

  • Who exactly makes up your ideal clientele?
  • When do your audience members often visit your social platforms?
  • Share your findings, such as the number of likes, shares, interactions, impressions, and so on.
  • When is the most optimal moment to provide new content?
  • How long do visitors typically spend on each of your profiles?
  • What are the most successful hashtags to use?
  • Determine purchasing and behavior trends, among other things.

Although your social media analyst can provide you with the same service, comprehending the data will take some time and specialized knowledge on your part. AI tools can give the same results for you, just more quickly and in certain cases at a lower cost.

Visual Intelligence And The Content

Visual content, like as videos, photographs, infographics, etc., is extremely important to social media platforms. However, not all of the campaign visuals or post creatives that are developed end up being successful.

The marketing platform Dash Hudson, which specializes in visual intelligence, has the ability to analyze and anticipate the attractiveness, performance, and success of your social media’s visual material before it is released.

This can be done even if the content has not yet been published. It is also able to forecast how followers will react to photographs based on factors such as the colors used, the topic matter, and the composition.

These kinds of incredibly specific insights ensure that your visual content has the best possible opportunity of increasing its social reach as well as its impressions and engagement levels.

Integrate Ai With The Augmented Reality System

The usage of artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) has collaborated to produce an emerging pattern in the social media sphere. In this trend, consumers will have the option to try on things before making a purchase. The filters on Instagram and Snapchat are so powerful that you can give a person the look of wearing glasses or even completely changing their appearance.

The same idea applies to the most recent trend, in which marketers can provide their followers with the opportunity to taste the product, post it on their stories or timelines, and then directly purchase it. In order to increase their sales and get an advantage over their rivals, well-known companies like Ray-Ban have introduced a “virtual try-on” experience that can be accessed through their social media platforms.

Repurpose Your Content Using Artificial Intelligence

Even though developing new content is ideal, repurposing old material that has proven successful with your network and is still relevant may be a better option when it comes to increasing your audience engagement.

Executives of social media platforms can search through archives and immediately begin reusing the information. You also have the option of delegating this process to a platform that is supported by AI, which will free your executives to concentrate on curating and developing new ads.

Recently, AI social tools have been developed that can take a piece of material from one of your websites, like a blog post or an article, and not only understand the context of that content but also generate social media postings based on it. 

Impressively, it can also generate Tweets and posts, as well as audio and video clips, based on a URL, document, seminar, radio show, video, or audio file that it is supplied. This ability allows it to create audio and video clips in particular.


Since the worlds of artificial intelligence (AI) and social media will undoubtedly continue to converge in the not-too-distant future as a result of the progression of technology, it is essential to incorporate some form of AI into your strategies in order to expand your brand and stay competitive in the market.

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