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Making money by buying and selling Domain Names while sitting at home

Do you know that you can make money by buying and selling Domain Names? And you can do it by sitting at your...

buying and selling Domain Names

Do you know that you can make money by buying and selling Domain Names?

And you can do it by sitting at your home.

If you were knowing about buying and selling Domain Names then that’s great but if you don’t know then you must read this post.

Domain names for sale is now a profitable online business.

You might have seen just recently in the news about just how much a domain can actually cost. This has actually most likely begun with you considering how simple it is to purchase and offer them for earnings. Here you will discover techniques and ideas to make it much easier to purchase and places where you can offer.

Some are establishing a portfolio of site domains and collecting millions of dollars doing so. Some do it for enjoyment, with the hope that their domain name will be the next hit.

The marketplace for the domain is one place that is still thriving in spite of the decline in the economy.

In 2001 when the web bubble burst, the domain took a pounding and everybody believed, that was the conclusion. Look where the web is today. The domains that were being cast aside are now worth a handsome amount.

Where to check out domain name availability?

You may state that all the excellent domain names have actually currently been purchased. To a specific level, you are best if you are referring to the brief one-word domain names.

Now is the time you need to believe outside the box so to speak. If you are smart you can come up with appealing names or phrases.

Check out to see if your domains are offered by are going to any of the domain service providers or any domain name marketplaces that I mentioned in the top 15 places to sell your domain names.

Whois helps us to find out details about a domain name

If you discover a domain name that you like, you can check out to see who owns it and when it will be up for renewal. Often individuals will purchase a domain name, do absolutely nothing with it, and then they let it expire or end.

There is the contact information offered if you are desperate to have that domain name.

Whois will enable you to check out the ownership of a domain. Be forewarned seriously & carefully, however, they are frequently not, simply an individual but a corporation.

Specific niche markets to check out in buying and selling domain names

Think of the specific niche markets. You might even target your search to little businesses you know. If you approach them and inform them you have ‘the best domain for them.’ It might be they aren’t familiar with where or how to purchase domain names and would be grateful for the help.

Build a site that generates your money

Purchasing a domain and building a site is simple and will frequently generate more cash than merely offering and purchasing the domain. When you come to the market, you already have a recognized entity and the consumer just opens up the store so to speak.

Your time is somewhat very important; it is typically less expensive for you to outsource your writing to your sites. At sites such as People per hour or Fiverr they have actually talented native English-speaking authors who can produce short articles for your site!

Kevin Ham helps us to catch some instant mistakes that we do very often

You might never ever have actually heard his name but Kevin Ham is known as the czar of domainers. After leaving a profession as a physician, Mr. Ham has actually accumulated a huge fortune purchasing domain.

Purchasing up popular names for sites, Kevin Ham has actually cornered the market on Cameroon names. You might think to yourself, why is that so fantastic?

As you understand, the finest sites have the ending “.Com”, and as we know that Cameroon’s are “.cm“.

So, how lots of times have you been in a rush and wrongly typed in a site improperly?

Possibilities are you have actually landed on one of Mr. Ham’s pages if you did that. Mr. Ham is looking into purchasing domains in Columbia “.co“, and Oman “.om“.


What to do when the .com domain is already taken?

7 Domain Name Myths Every Web Designer Should Know.

 A word about searching online

One of the factors a domain name can be more important is If it has a name for an item such as Food. There are individuals and you might be among them that will simply type into the web browser bar on top and not utilize the different search engines. If this holds true, then generic terms like Pets, Food, Vehicles, Greetings, and so on end up being better.

Individuals aren’t constantly the finest typists so domain names with typos such as “Gooogle” or “Adidas” are spelled improperly but would create a lot of traffic nonetheless. If the website is comparable to the original website, this is being concerned with a type of copyright violation.


Domain Name generator tools to find a perfect domain.


Now you have known some things about buying and selling domain names. The next step is starting off your own business now. You should also remember to learn as much as possible the tricks and tips from domain experts. Investing a small amount of money is also a good way to become a pro.

Written by Peter Nguyen
Hi there, I’m Peter. I’m a project manager living in SG. I am a fan of SEO, MMO, and Marketing. I’m interested in Web development and writing. I'm also sharing many domain promo codes and hosting promo codes on my personal blog eCoupon.io Welcome, all!

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  3. Hello Peter, I’ve been trying all these while to start marketing domains online.

    Thanks for this headstart post. I’ve been able to sell one online though I’ve sold some using Facebook etc.

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    I am searching like this post since past one month. But not got any helpful post, Finally i got it here! I want earn $$ buy selling domain & hosting. Thank you for this useful post. If i faced any problem to grow up this business, i will ask you for a solution. I hope you will response me.

  6. Great article. I’ve had a few domain names that I have sold and made some good money from it, but the truth is that now, it’s getting harder and harder to find good, available domain names.

  7. Hi Robin,
    I want to sell my blogland domain. But I can’t give ads on flippa because it’s paid. How and where I can sell this?

    1. Hi Sadhan,
      I will request you to not to sell the domain as it is good. But if you really want to sell then you should try reaching your domain provider to sell the domain.

      1. Thank you so much Robin for turning me on the better way. I hope I will be able to continue this blog. But I am depressing day by day, I don’t know why! OOOOHHH! How long my missfortune!

    2. Besides Flippa, there are many places that allow you to list your domains for free such as Sedo, NamePros, DigitalPoint,…. Just simply open your new account on them and list the domain names you have.

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