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Detailed Guide on Acing Customer Experiences via Video Call App Development

Quick video conversations have started to play a significant role in establishing long-term customer relationships. As per research, it is predicted that...

Detailed Guide on Acing Customer Experiences via Video Call App Development

Quick video conversations have started to play a significant role in establishing long-term customer relationships. As per research, it is predicted that the global video conferencing market size will reach a total value of $9.2 billion by 2027. Have you started leveraging video chat for your business? If not, you should definitely consider doing so. This blog shall intensely discuss how video calling app development can take your customer service processes to the top.

Build Video Calling App to Facilitate Better Brand Engagements

There are various benefits of integrating video chat functionalities into your communication system. In this section, we will discuss a few of them in detail.

Include a Personal Feel to Your Services

Thanks to real-time face-to-face interactions, video chat apps facilitate far more personalized engagements than any other mode of communication. Video chat is like adding a face to your brand. It develops stronger brand credibility and provides quicker query resolutions, unlike emails.

Reduce Business Expenses

Research says that companies can save $11,000 annually per employee via video chat software. Also, one study suggests that if employees work remotely for half of their operating hours, there would be over $700 billion in US savings. There’s no denying that virtual customer service via video chat would be a lot more economical than physical support systems. Businesses can offer customer service to all parts of the globe with just a single click of a button.

Boost Sales

Live Video Chat API can help brands up their sales game, especially e-commerce companies. Product experts can connect with customers in real-time, brief them about product benefits, and offer personalized recommendations. Such levels of special attention increase the likelihood of product purchase by the customer. There’s no denying that video calls can support up-selling and cross-selling in the best ways.

Ensure Higher Customer Satisfaction Rates

Video chat enables face-to-face interactions with customers in real time. It allows customer support agents to understand customer problems in detail and offer accurate and quick resolutions. This, in turn, facilitates higher customer satisfaction.

Encourage Hyper-Personalization

Video chat can be the best companion for e-commerce businesses and enable them to deliver super personalized services to customers. The overall customer experience can be enhanced by offering customized product recommendations on all kinds of devices, from any corner of the world.

Certain new-age CPaaS solutions have the capacity to offer screen-sharing functionality. With this, brands can present every product information customers want.

Integrate Advanced Technologies

It will prove to be a wise decision for brands to integrate CRMs with video functionalities into their customer support communication systems. Automated customer service tools help avoid manual labor and repetitive tasks. In case a customer gets stuck somewhere, brands can offer instant video support with a single push of a button. Including popular video technologies in your communication model will help you stay ahead of the competition.

Level Up Business Productivity

As per research, 58% of businesses leverage video conferencing for their everyday operations. Video chat allows team members to connect instantly with each other in a remote work setup. This gives way for better virtual collaborations and tends to boost productivity.

Drive Better Customer Engagement

At times, text messages and emails from customers can be misunderstood and misinterpreted by brands. But you can easily avoid such circumstances with video calls. It enables you to conduct face-to-face interactions with customers and understand their pain points in real time. This leads to better engagement and quicker query resolutions.

If you want to make out the most from video chat functionalities, follow the simple tips mentioned below:

  • Make sure to conduct video sessions to describe the benefits of your product or service. Customers love explainer videos. Research suggests that 96% of people have watched explainer videos to learn more about business products and services.
  • Train your customer support representatives to maintain positive body language throughout the video conversation with customers. They should be extra attentive and be ready with the best probable solutions to customer queries.
  • It is essential that you choose the right video software that has advanced and well-functioning elements to support quality video calls.

Video Calling App Development: Best Method

Brands can build a video calling app in two ways. One is to develop the app from scratch with the help of in-house experts. The other is to hire a live video chat API provider and integrate advanced video functionalities into already existing communication systems.

We recommend leveraging a live video calling API that has the potential to incorporate new-age video functionalities into your system within minutes. The best video chat SDK providers make sure to offer omnichannel communication features for customer service.

Using a video API would also help you save the extra costs that are generally incurred on building a proficient in-house team for app development.

Various industries can leverage video call APIs to build modern video communication models. Here is a list of some of those sectors:

  • Healthcare

The healthcare industry can use a live video chat SDK to build an engaging application and facilitate more transparent patient-doctor engagement. Patients can easily make online appointments and receive one-on-one consultations from medical experts from remote locations.

  • Finance

Financial institutions use video chat APIs and accelerate banking experiences via personalized video interactions. Financial entities can also facilitate secured document sharing, easy payments, and a lot more.

  • Tech and software

Software product and service companies can leverage a live video calling API to stream product demos or fulfill training requirements. Also, advanced features like screen sharing and file sharing can help tech brands offer valuable customer support.

  • Insurance

Insurance companies can use video calling APIs to enable customers to make real-time insurance claims. Moreover, businesses can facilitate faster claim resolution and boost overall customer experiences.

  • Education

Video calling APIs enable educational institutions to facilitate real-time learning experiences and smoother teacher-student engagement. With a suitable live video calling API, educational entities can utilize virtual classrooms, video call recordings, online seminars, and more.

  • Gaming

Gaming brands can use video API to deliver live video chat experiences during game sessions and boost gamer satisfaction. Gaming sites can enable live broadcasting and streaming, video conferencing, and much more.

Building the Future of Customer Service with Video Chat APIs for Android, iOS, and Web

Gone are the times when customers had to write emails or wait in phone call queues in order to get their issues addressed. Today’s modern customers expect super-fast connectivity with brands. Video chat APIs help brands beat the market competition and enhance support processes—the smoother the customer assistance, the better the brand presence and trust.

The future of customer service is, undoubtedly, video chatting.

Wrapping Up

We hope our blog helped you gain a fair understanding of the best benefits of leveraging video chat functionalities for customer support. So, what are you thinking? Use a top-grade live video calling API and make way for smooth video interactions with customers. It’s time to clear the way for delightful customer experiences. We wish you good luck in all your endeavors. 


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