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7 Reasons Why Explainer Videos are more Effective for Business

You must have seen those interesting short videos that discuss the most lucrative features of products or services? They are all around...

why Explainer Videos

You must have seen those interesting short videos that discuss the most lucrative features of products or services? They are all around the place, being regularly used in advertisements, social media posts, or even website content. They are the clear favorites inside the business sphere! And this is what makes the demand for professional explainer video services skyrocket day by day!

But, have you ever thought, what makes the explainer videos so popular among businesses? It is because they are highly effective in raising business conversions. In this blog, we will discuss the 7 most prevalent reasons why these explainer videos are so effective! 

1. Audio-Visual Explanation

Researches have shown that human memory has about 60% more audio-visual content retention than textual content. Hence, audio-visual explanations have a lasting impact on the consumer’s mind. Explainer videos present the content in a very lucrative form in front of the audience. These audio-visual explainers can be easily understood and remembered. It makes them particularly famous for brand awareness and eLearning purposes.

2. Answer Consumer’s Questions

The most significant functionality of explainer video services is that the content answers all the questions arising in the consumer’s mind. That is why the script of the explainer videos is prepared after sheer research. The companies often add the most searched and trending features of their product to provide solutions to consumers’ general questions. And, this practice has yielded results as well! As the consumers get to know what they want, they take a greater interest in finding out more about the product and eventually end up purchasing it. 

3. Enhanced Business Conversions

The direct consequence of an efficient explainer video is a natural increase in sales by many folds. Studies have shown that many reputed companies have successfully increased their consumer base up to 90% in the past, with the help of judiciously crafted explainers.  

And, at times when these videos do not lead to direct conversion, they still increase the consumer’s intrigue to know more about the product. Hence, explainer videos offer both short-term sales gain and long-term benefits in luring future consumers. And that is why efficient explainer video services providers are so popular amongst businesses. 

4. Leveraging the Numbers

For marketing purposes, numbers are the essential facts. Efficiency rates, sales numbers, and success percentages can prove to be a great tool to win the consumer’s trust. But presenting raw numbers often proves to be boring. Consumers usually do not like to listen to a monologue of stats without any humor.

Explainer videos can help loads in such situations. Using the explainer videos, the highly beneficial marketing stars are presented through humorous and engaging content. These videos make sure that the consumers listen to the numbers and retain the facts in their memory so that the companies benefit in the future.

5. Showcase Brand’s Ideology

Animated explainers are a great medium for showcasing the brand’s ideology. The companies can easily add company logos, themes, and other signature elements into these elements to mark up their identity. If their ideology matches that of their consumers, they can achieve a trusted and long-term consumer base!

6. Enhance Social Media Presence

In today’s social media generation, all the brands are in a rat race to make their social media content stand out amongst the crowd. This makes all the social media platforms get flooded with thousands of Business posts regularly. And, as a direct consequence, the consumers keep scrolling through the posts until and unless they find something really interesting to read or watch.

Now, if your brand wants to make the audience actually see your post, you should definitely try explainer videos! Multiple studies have shown that video content gets at least 50% more views than text content in social media. Just make a super exciting explainer video, post it on the right platform with trending hashtags, and see the magic! 

7. Boost Your SEO Rankings

With the benefits that we have already discussed above, the net result you get is higher views on your websites and digital platforms. And as the Google Search Algorithms tend to push the more viewed content up in the ladder of search engine rankings, your SEO scores and page rankings improve significantly with the help of Explainer videos. It leads to more comprehensive visibility of your brand over the internet, improving overall brand performance. 

Types of Explainer Videos

Now that we have seen what significant impacts an explainer video can have on your business, let’s look at some of the most popular types of explainer videos.

2D Explainer Videos

2D explainer videos are very popular amongst businesses. Being extremely easy to edit and faster to produce are their biggest advantages. Businesses can use them for different purposes, including promotion, illustration, and eLearning.   

3D Explainer Videos

3D explainer videos, as the name suggests, use three-dimensional animation techniques. These explainer videos usually include vibrant 3D characters and enchanting visuals. The video curators use them to develop character-based explainers. Especially in eLearning, companies use this technique to create virtual instructor-led videos.       

Motion Graphics Explainers

The motion graphics explainers are the most simple ones. You just need to select some motion graphics, arrange them in chronological order, and your explainer video is almost ready! Due to their simplicity, they have diverse applications in social media, marketing, and eLearning. They are the most quickly made and hence the most widely used!

Whiteboard Explainer

Whiteboard explainer videos are regularly used in eLearning courses. The error-free diagrams and highly informative content empower the eLearning content. Many developers follow a structured flow of information in these videos. But, these videos are best developed only under the strict guidance of subject matter experts.     

Kinetic Typography Explainer

Kinetic typography explainers use texts set in motion. So naturally, these videos include a lot of textual information. But, adjusting their pace is crucial. For best results, the speed of the texts is adjusted based on their length and complexity. It makes the texts more easily readable. Otherwise, the texts might just slip away from the reader’s view.     

Social Media Explainers

According to needs, there exist varied types of social media explainers for different social media platforms. Some may be very short, while some might have considerable length. They can be both animated and typographic. These explainer videos serve multiple purposes to clients. The clients can use them for sales, promotion, marketing, and brand awareness.

Characteristics of Top Explainer Video Services Companies

Though explainer videos have loads of benefits, leveraging them to their full potential solely depends on the quality of the videos. In short, the success of the explainer videos largely relies on the skill of the video developers. And this is the reason why most of the top business service providers search for professional explainer video services providing companies to outsource their requirements.

But, how to recognize the best explainer video service provider? Well, good service-providing companies do have some traits in common. Let’s look at some of those traits.

Experienced Animators

To develop quality explainer videos, it is crucial to have good animation skills. So, it is common to observe that the best explainer video service providing companies are proficient in 2D and 3D animators. They house well-trained animators with years of experience.

Multilingual Services

In this era of globalization, every eLearning solutions provider wants to market its product throughout the world. And to achieve that, it is vital to localize the explainer videos. Good explainer video companies offer multilingual services. Such services help the companies to reach out to a broader audience base in their native language. 

100% Original Videos

Good service-providing companies always make sure that their videos are totally authentic and original. They never copy any element of their videos from pre-used or stock content. It helps to retain the freshness in the videos.

To Sum Up                  

Explainer videos, if used efficiently, can prove to be a boon to the marketing campaign of businesses. But, to ensure such impactful sales effects, the videos must have a spellbinding effect on the audience. It is possible only when the video curators develop the videos after adequately understanding the audience’s needs and the company’s objectives. Bridging between these two can deliver the best results. 


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Written by Hope James
Hope James is a senior content writer and digital marketing executive. She has been a part of top eLearning solution providers for over five years.

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