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Tips and Tricks for Developing Hybrid Mobile Apps by Ionic Framework

Modern app development has simultaneously and righteously streamlined the process of app creation, be it for any operating system, or for mobile...

Hybrid Mobile Apps by Ionic Framework

Modern app development has simultaneously and righteously streamlined the process of app creation, be it for any operating system, or for mobile or tab devices. A simplistic yet advanced way of creating hybrid apps with amalgamating various web technologies in a native mobile web interface (like WebView), involves an Ionic framework. Ionic development is preferred for creating hybrid apps similar to like well-known Instagram, Yelp, etc.

With recent trends and advancements in web applications, the advent of multiplatform compatibility, and universal app maintenance, the Ionic framework has made users revel in experiencing app development. For any ionic framework enthusiast, an entire curated list of advice and tricks for consideration has been drafted below when engaging it for any app creation. This will allow for safer, more economical, and time-saving progress for any app developer.

The convenience of a Yeoman Generator

For launching projects that have been already constructed or need customization Yeoman generator proves to be the best support tool. With Yeoman generators, you have the option of designing a new generator of your liking and project sizing or you can use a predesigned generator for a laid-back, more practical approach that does not need any system configurations to be built from scratch.

A yeoman generator along with ionic frameworks allows freedom of using a wide range of inclusive set-ups and customization with the help of tools like code handling support, platform integrative tool, JavaScript liners, etc. All of these and more help to advance your app performance.


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Executing Angular Style

The ionic framework follows an angular guide system that provides components much-needed customization with interactive support. These include features like scroll-view, collection repeat, etc. Guides for implementing angular style in-app coding interface is, therefore, an important component which is available as online tutorials or in form of document sets that provides an array for approaching layout and writing of applications using an ionic developer.

The angular style guide can be concise and easy to comprehend or else can be detailed and specific. Whichever is required, it is important to note that since Ionic development follows angular scripting, overwriting core functions, and pathways are not desirable, only an upgrade is necessary. However using style guides has its own pros, which include experts input and knowledge which can be directly incorporated as per the need for defining new functions, code editing, etc.

Examining your App

With any app developed it’s important to use the right tool to test it live on a platform or an operating system. PhoneGap Developer App seamlessly launches the newly formed app onto the device and can be monitored easily with quick app debugging and remote code inspection and live statuses with any change being done. Platform Device Class is another Ionic tool that can easily integrate the software with any operating system to provide a native app run experience based on the class of OS for cross verification.


Designing UX apps for mobile.

Assisting ES6 support

With partial reviews from developers and community regarding the inclusion of ES6/ ECMAScript 6 in app development due to browser compatibility concerns, many creators opt for lightweight but consistent JavaScript libraries as per ES6 standards. However, with the advent of free, open-source BabelJS it has been a relief to write ES6 code into ES 5.1 JavaScript allowing different browsers and their versions to process your ionic project in which it was implanted, with equal efficiency.

Removing Frustrations with Crosswalk

One of the most frustrating hurdles to encounter when developing hybrid apps is browser incompatibility. Most of the mobile apps have to evolve different WebView versions for chrome browser Click Here, for different Android versions that cause the unnecessary form of fragmentation. These lead to issues with handling the latest versions of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, etc. However, with the Crosswalk tool, it is highly advantageous to test out Ionic apps only on the latest version of chromium, in any Android at an expense of adding few megabytes to the application. However, with the advantages, it offers it is worth the swell.

Using everything that is of Assistance

Any web development tool cannot function properly without 3rd party software, plugins extensions, etc., that allows any function or task to be exported or done without any tedious maneuver. Provided they are almost always free and open-sourced they are valuable, especially for the Ionic framework for hybrid app development. While deciding on mobile app design and requirements it is important to pre-install the required plugins and libraries, like Apache/Cordova plugins, Ionic plugins from the web, UI components, etc. Testing tools like Protractor, Karma, and Mocha are quite useful as well and should be used for ionic development of hybrid apps routinely.

It is indeed a very insightful take on whatever can be done to modernize and simplify mobile app development. With these highly cited pieces of the consult, using the Ionic framework for hybrid apps can make the entire process less and less tedious and highly uncomplicated.


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