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Easy Ways to Start Running a Blog from Your Phone

You ride a bus – everyone around is on their smartphones. You’re on the subway – all the people are on their...

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Blog from Your Phone

You ride a bus – everyone around is on their smartphones. You’re on the subway – all the people are on their smartphones. Everywhere you look, people seem to use their phones non-stop.

Today, you can do everything only just using this small device. Smartphones can handle so much information, apps, and software that we don’t have a need in using a laptop most of the time. Smartphones are also very handy and lightweight, which is also a big benefit for those who have to travel lot carrying different devices.

I never thought that it’s possible to use a phone for work, and using it for writing articles, editing and proofreading them was beyond my expectations. And I never thought that I would eventually start running my own blog from my smartphone. The only couple of years ago it seemed so uncomfortable to type a blog post on your smartphone, but with voice recognition systems it got easier to narrate your text than to type it.

Smartphone statistics is amazing: the number of smartphone users is expected to reach 2.87 billion people by 2020. These numbers are very approximate, and to my opinion, the total number will be way higher.

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Due to the rapid development of technology, smartphones have almost turned into small computers that can fit in your pocket. They are super versatile and fully functional. And even if you’re a blogger and fully depend on your computer, you can easily transfer your blog to your smartphone and use it from whenever you need.

The whole idea of blogging from your phone still sounds off to you?

Want some practical advice on how to start running your blog solely from your smartphone?

Let’s take a look at some tips and apps you can use for smartphone blogging as well.

What Blog-Related Tasks or how can you Blog from Your Phone?

#1 Make Your Blog Active through Social Media

Social media has become an integral part of our everyday life. Everyone talks about social media addiction but it has become rather a necessity than just a thing to play with. Social media platforms have given us the ability to promote business and communicate with large audiences.

If you’re running a blog, the first thing you can do on your smartphone is making it active with the help of social media. Re-posting your blog articles, making posts on social media – it all can be done on your smartphone. Moreover, most platforms and the features are only accessible through smartphone apps, so start using your phone more to make your blog active on social media.

#2 Research

Reportedly, in 2018 the number of mobile search engine users has reached 207.6 million only in the U.S. It’s convenient to use a smartphone on the go and look up something on the Internet.

You can do your blog article research from your smartphone as well, as it’s also a part of running a blog. Smartphone browsers also allow you to save the pages and create bookmarks, so it’s no different from using a laptop for doing research.

#3 Reply to Comments

Communicating with your followers is essential, both on social media and under your blog posts. Often bloggers don’t have time to reply to comments, but you can do that whenever you have some time to spare and have the access to your smartphone.

#4 Voice-to-text Posts

Thanks to the feature of recording voice to text you now narrate the blog article right to your phone without having to type anything.

You can also make a draft of a post by narrating it to your phone and then transferring it to your laptop. Apps like Evernote or Microsoft OneNote allow you to sync your data with any other connected devices. This way you can not only keep creating blog posts on the go, but you can also keep everything in one place.


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#5 Plan Your Content

By using the same kind of apps I mentioned in the previous point you can also plan your future content, brainstorm on topics and create outlines. Again, smartphones are very versatile and it’s very convenient to use them on the go, so whenever you have an idea, you can pop up your phone and put the idea down so you don’t forget it.

Blogging Apps for Your Smartphone

If you’ve decided to start running your blog solely from your phone, you need to adapt your smartphone by choosing and downloading apps that will suit your needs.

To start running your blog solely from a smartphone, you need to consider using the following apps:

1) Blogging Platform

If you already have a blog you’ve started from your laptop, I highly recommend continuing using the host platform as it will allow you to transfer everything to a mobile version and save all your posts.

However, if you’re just getting started, there are a lot of options for you:

  • WordPress: It’s a classic platform that offers you everything you need for blogging. There are multiple plugins and tools at your disposal, and there’s even a guide you can download and read if you want to learn more about the WordPress platform. You will be able to use WordPress mobile App for blogging.
  • Blogger: Owned by Google, this platform is easier to use than WordPress, but it also doesn’t have a lot of the features that WordPress has. However, it’s a perfect platform for beginners, as it offers all the basic blogging features.
  • Wix: This is a relatively new platform compared to the previous two. It uses simple “drag and drops” tools, so creating a blog is very easy. It has a mobile editor and other tools you can access from your smartphone, so it’s a decent platform to use if you want to start running your blog solely from your smartphone. The platform is even SEO friendly, It offers a tool named Wix SEO Wiz.

2) Text Editors

When running a blog from your smartphone, you need at least one extra app to edit and proofread your articles. Those who use WordPress editor can understand me: it doesn’t always do the job the way you need it.

I personally prefer using Google Docs on my smartphone as I’m already familiar with the interface after using these programs on my computer. You can opt for any other text editor, it’s all about what you’re comfortable with and what you expect from an app.

3) Graphic Content Editors

We all know that a blog post will look boring if you don’t add some pictures to it. It may seem hard to edit a photo for your blog from a smartphone but it’s even easier than doing it from your laptop. All photo editing apps come with an interface that is very easy to use, so don’t be afraid that it will give you a hard time.

These are one of my favorites:

  • PicMonkey: This is a powerful editing tool you can use from your smartphone. It has a lot of useful features like creating a collage, editing a photo, using images to create cool designs, etc.
  • VSCO: This is a professional photo editing app that has tons of great filters for your images. Some of them aren’t free, but there are still tons of options that allow you to create a stunning image for your next blog post.

Running a Blog Solely From Your Phone Is Possible!

I know that the whole idea seems intimidating: a phone is quite small to handle the pressure of running a blog from it. However, the technology allows us to do it and, in some ways, it has made it even easier to run a blog from your phone than from a computer. Hopefully, the tips I mentioned in this article will help you get more confident and give the whole idea a try.

Written by Steven Mehler
Steven Mehler is a professional blogger and a contributor to Top Writers Review. He often does articles about starting a blog, writes guides on how to use different blogging platforms and shares news about apps that can be useful for bloggers. His articles are always very personal, he often shares his own experience but also intersperses it with practical tips that bring value to the reader.

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  1. I have thought so many times of entering the blogging world as I love reading them. I think I finally have the courage to give it a try. Thank you so much for all of the ideas!

  2. Hello Steven,
    This is something which will help me save my time. I am writing from long time. A phone blog will support me a lot. In your blog i specially liked Pic monkey and VSCO graphic editor tools. Also you have maintained a nice site and every article is unique. I really liked each part and also bookmarked you for new information on your site. Thanks for sharing this valuable information!

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