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Domain Authority vs. Page Authority – All you need to know

So, You want to know the different PA and DA or in actual term its Domain Authority vs. Page Authority. If you are...

Domain Authority vs. Page Authority

So, You want to know the different PA and DA or in actual term its Domain Authority vs. Page Authority.

If you are new in the field of SEO and want to know about the page authority and the domain authority then you should continue reading this post.

Domain Authority and page authority are the metrics that go hand in hand. It is developed by the Moz website. And these days when the Google Page rank is no more, so Domain Authority and Page Authority have become the primary source for knowing about the reputation of any website.

One can use the domain authority of a website while comparing a blog or website with the other on the basis of (1-100 scale). The more is the domain authority, the better is the reputation of a website.


Page authority is the reputation of a single page of a website. Domain authority of a Website can be same, but the page authority of any page of a website can vary depending on the quality of the links pointing to that Website’s page.

This post is about domain authority vs. page authority and I try to explain it well in a simple way.

How to get better Domain authority for your website?

Getting a domain authority of 100 is very difficult, but there are many websites which are having 100 domain authority, which means it is not impossible to get domain authority of 100. But the Question is that how to get better domain authority for your website.

Actually, Moz algorithms work according to the Google’s updations and so that means if you are ranking your website on Google and following the conditions that Google has passed then you will eventually get the better domain authority.

Although, I will suggest you read this post of mine about increasing the Domain authority of your website.

How to get Good page authority?

Page Authority works in the same way as the Domain authority works. You just have to follow the same steps which help to increase the domain authority. What I mean to say is that if you are doing link building and internal linking for particular page along with other things that I have mentioned in the above link of the post, then for sure your page authority will be increased.

Domain Authority Vs. Page Authority.

Well, Domain Authority and Page Authority are almost same as in the first paragraph I mentioned that the Page authority is referred to the pages of the website whereas the domain authority is referred to the domain of the website.

Domain authority is referred to the main domain or the name of the domain whereas the page authority refers to the pages of that domain, a page authority can of a home page, sub-pages and so on.

How Check the Domain Authority and Page Authority?

There are two ways of checking the DA and PA of any website. The first one is to go to the Moz website and check the DA and PA of any website. And the second and the easiest way to check is to install Moz bar in your browser.

The second one is the easiest. All most all the bloggers and SEO experts use the MOZ bar for checking the DA, PA and some other SEO things. I have prepared a complete post on “How to use MOZ bar and Moz Tools For Better SEO.

Finally, What I want to Say.

The Page authority and domain authority of any website can be increased if we are doing better SEO for our website. And if you are new to SEO then I have prepared a Complete Guide to SEO.

I Would love to know through your comments that were this post about the DA vs. PA was helpful to you. So, don’t hesitate and let me know through your comments.

Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

16 Replies to “Domain Authority vs. Page Authority – All you need to know”

  1. It’s nice to know about both Domain Authority Vs. Page Authority. Lots of people have confusion about both of them but this is the right difference.

  2. Very Well Explained Article Robin,
    I agree with you Domain Authority, and Page Authority both are different, but regarding link value, both matters and also both are useful for a measure of ranking power.
    What would you say?

  3. Hey Robin, thanks for sharing this informative post about domain authority and page authority. It takes time to increase a domain’s authority.

  4. i just found this great article by you and it hits the nail on the head when discussing DA & PA. All of these have become the standard for off page rankings. You did an excellant job detailing them and this post should be shared by all.

  5. Thanks Robin, For sharing this post. Very well explained about page authority and domain authority by using a domain authority of a website comparing to other website we can know about our website reputation. Thanks once again.

  6. Hey Robin,

    Authority is a qualitative measure of any web property that significantly affects the property’s overall visibility and rankings in search engines. Domain authority offers a lot of flexibility in terms of how, where, and when you create content and links. The flip side is the amount of time and effort it takes to increase – far more than page authority.

    Domain authority and page authority also have a mutually beneficial relationship, building more links to your individual pages will have the effect of raising your domain authority, and raising your domain authority in general will increase the page authority of your individual pages.

    Page authority also builds faster than domain authority, giving you a critical advantage if you need to improve search engine rankings for one page quickly. Eventually, thanks for sharing your wonderful experience regarding this topic.

    With best regards,

    Amar kumar

    1. Hi Amar,
      Yes, the Page authority of any page increases quickly than Domain authority. But both DA and PA are important these days.
      Although, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
      Have a good week ahead.

  7. You have explained DA vs PA pretty well and I guess every person could differentiate about them now. Its trending now a days for advertisers to check DA and PA>


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