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Less Stress and More Conversions: How to Drive Online Sales and Increase ROI for Your Business

If you aren’t capitalizing on online sales, then your business is probably going to fail. As of the end of 2016, 79% of...

Increase ROI

If you aren’t capitalizing on online sales, then your business is probably going to fail. As of the end of 2016, 79% of people shop online.The world is becoming increasingly digital, and that means your business must as well. Simply putting up a website and hoping people come to you is not enough anymore. When it comes to increasing your online business sales, the real world is the online world, and if you can thrive online, chances are you can thrive anywhere.

If navigating the world of online marketing sounds like a whirlwind of confusion, don’t worry, below is a list of tangible ways to increase your online business sales, resulting in less stress and a whole lot more conversions (i.e. bigger wallet).

Get Really Close with AdWords

Learning how to utilize the marketing beast that is Google AdWords can be highly lucrative for driving more online business sales. If talk of PPC, clicks, impressions, click through rate, and quality score brings a deep sense of confusion to your digital marketing mind, fear not, because you can learn all about it with the free official AdWords study guide from Google. AdWords is a great way to reach targeted audiences, track data, and metrics, and personalize advertisements for your products to the people who are most likely to buy them. Basically, Google AdWords is a giant in the world of digital marketing, and if you don’t know/aren’t utilizing it, chances are you’re missing out on a lot of potential brand awareness and conversions from untapped markets. Google Keyword Planner is a Part of Adwords which is also a big help.

Think Like a Writer

It doesn’t matter how good what you’re selling is, if you write boring and mundane ad copy, nobody is going to be interested in what you are selling. For all of the technical genius and savvy advertising skills that many digital marketers have today, the overwhelming majority of digital marketers have completely missed the art of digital marketing. Studies show that articles and advertisements that provoke emotion are shared more often than their straight-to-the-facts counterparts. Remember, you aren’t just selling your product, you are selling the idea of your product. Do you sell men’s skincare items? If so, you don’t just sell men’s grooming products; you sell a better, more handsome, wealthier life for men everywhere. The connotations of your brand can be just as important as the product itself. Writing ad copy that can interact with human emotions is key in capitalizing on conversions, which in turns leads to more money for you. Your business is unique, and your ad copy must be the same way. Corporate Business Solutions reviews speak to how important it is to personalize everything about your business. This is important for your brand, which in turn is important for people knowing about your business (they have to know before they convert).

Update Your Website

So, you’ve gotten pretty good with the Google AdWords interface, and you are on your way to winning a Pulitzer Prize for your compelling ad copy (well, not really, but at least you’re tugging at heartstrings), but if the landing page you drive potential customers to as a result of your effective marketing is either irrelevant or poorly designed, then you can practically hear the reverberation of echoes in your empty wallet. Not only does a poor landing page experience result in a poor-quality score on Google AdWords (which also increases how much you pay for each click on your ad), but if your site takes more than three seconds to load, 40% of mobile users will leave your site. When it comes to creating a good landing page, the key is to optimize, optimize, optimize the speed of your website. For people looking to increase online sales, an aesthetically pleasing and clean landing page can be easy to look over, but it is imperative in order to drive more sales.

Send Them Where They Want

If you care about online sales at all, do not direct somebody to your homepage from your online ad. People want a personalized, easy experience when they shop online. If your online ad is a promotional sale of women’s raincoats, do not send them to your homepage where they will have to find your navigation bar and click on another link to look at jackets. You want to cause as little friction between a potential consumer and a conversion as possible. The reason Amazon shopping has skyrocketed so much in the past few years is one-click shopping. It is vital for your online revenue to make it as simple as possible for the person visiting your site to find what they want. Remember, if someone is shopping online, it’s because it takes less effort than its brick and mortar counterpart; people want to shop, they don’t want to work.

Follow Them Around

Remarketing is essentially the most effective way to increase sales online. Have you ever viewed a website looking for car parts, and then surfed to another site, only to see an ad from that same car site following you around? If so, then you have been a witness to remarketing. Better yet, if you have converted from a remarketing ad, then you have been a willing participant in effective remarketing. If you do not use remarketing, you are basically hoping that everybody who comes into contact with your ads, products, or services will convert the first time they view them – this basically never happens. Remarketing is effective because people who see your ads multiple times are twice as likely to convert. Remarketing can be highly effective in boosting your online sales. The question is not should you remarket, but who should you remarket to.

Everybody wants to boost online sales. But the truth is, there is not a magic formula that will make your online sales suddenly skyrocket to conversion utopia. The above-mentioned concepts are important because they are tangible ways to increase your ROI. They may not always be easy, but once you get your hands dirty a bit, you will find your digital marketing skills growing sooner than you thought. Learning how to manage effective paid search campaigns with Google AdWords, writing good, effective ad copy, developing a good landing page experience, sending a potential customer to the correct landing page, and utilizing remarketing are all data-tested and time-tested methods to drive and increase online sales. For your business. So, what are you waiting for?  Get marketing and boost that ROI!

Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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