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2 is the latest talk in the gaming industry. Being a game that has received a huge reception before the global release, is all set to be the next trending io game. An earlier version of had a soft launch in some countries including UK, UAE, Hong Kong, Canada, etc, and has got a really good response.

The latest version of the game is now out and is receiving enormous positive reviews from players. The gameplay of the new is uploaded by many YouTube gamers that have contributed to the increased popularity of the game even before the global launch.

New Features of the latest

There are many new cool features in the latest build of The team has mentioned all the updates and changes in the blog. These changes have upscaled the game to a whole new level. Some of the major updates on the latest built are as follows:


Evolution is a really exciting update introduced in the game. The concept of evolution within the game has laid way to more user interaction by creating more tasks to complete the game. Players need to collect items to unlock evolution in the game by playing more games. Once all the items are collected, the fish will have the skill to evolve within a game by eating more food. The evolved fish has super cool looks and increased skill level so that you can easily wipe out the sea. You can also purchase skins to improve the looks of the fish even further.


Fish Bowls and Tanks

There are different types of fish bowls and tanks in the game depending on their rareness. After unlocking these fish bowls and tanks, players can find evolution parts, tournament tickets, and coins. Each fish bowls and tanks takes the time to unlock depending on the rareness. Players can collect up to 4 fish bowls or fish tanks at a time to unlock. They have the option to speed up the unlock time by spending shells.


Tournaments are another major update which has made the game even more exciting. In tournaments, you can compete with your friends and rank in the tournament leaderboard. You can join a tournament every 3 hours; alternatively, you can use tournament tickets to join. Usually, the tournaments run for one month and there are daily winners who are awarded fish bowls, shells, and coins.

Daily Shop shop has been revamped in the new update and players can buy evolution parts, fish bowls, tanks and tournament tickets from the daily shop. You also have the option to purchase coins by using the shells you have. You can purchase shells with cash from the store.

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The earlier version of was limited to unlocking fish to battle. The new version of is promising to keep the players hooked up to the game for hours. Overall the new update is super cool and the game is here to stay. The latest update in Facebook channel reveals that the team is fixing the minor glitches before the global launch.

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