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Advantages of Fiber Optic Internet Romulus NY

Fiber optic Internet is different from coaxial cable. The latter uses the cable TV environment to transmit data. The former takes advantage...

Fiber Optic Internet Romulus NY

Fiber optic Internet is different from coaxial cable. The latter uses the cable TV environment to transmit data. The former takes advantage of small yet flexible strands of glass to transfer data with light. Fiber optic cables tend to be small and fragile. Thus, these components may come bundled with larger, sturdier trunk cables.

Many advantages await users who opt for fiber optic Internet as opposed to using cable or Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL), especially for Internet users in Romulus, NY.

Here are five of these advantages:

1. Data Throughput Consistency

Many Internet users don’t like constant Internet speed slowdowns and latency issues. Internet service providers (ISPs) using copper cables to transmit web usability to homes and businesses may have to deal with specific problems. For instance, copper cables may be susceptible to environmental hazards and fire. When these events happen, consumers with standard cable or DSL connections may experience slowdowns or loss of Internet.

In comparison, fiber optic cables are more flexible than their copper counterparts. The hair-like structure allows data transmission to become more reliable and stable. Also, fiber cables may tend to be more resistant to environmental hazards to help maintain consistent service uptimes.

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2. Faster Internet Speeds

Individual copper cable connections may offer Internet speeds up to 20 to 40 Mbps. On the other hand, fiber optic Internet companies may offer speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps. Individual users might even opt for a fiber Internet plan with a minimum of 100 Mbps speeds.

Consumers can enjoy super-fast download and upload speeds in comparison with cable and DSL connections. Furthermore, fiber optic connection have no data checkpoints. Thus, there’s no limit on how much data you can use to surf the Internet.

If you want to compare your current cable connection with the fiber-optic Internet, you can start by doing a speed test.

3. Larger Bandwidth

Businesses in the Romulus, NY area may need higher bandwidth allocations than residential consumers. Hitting the limit in a cable or DSL connection may not be an option as it can put a stop to specific operations. Fiber optic Internet doesn’t have a limit, so businesses in this location and other areas can enjoy a seamless experience regarding data traffic.

Copper cables may also bring about the bottleneck effect. It’s when you’re trying to transfer a significant amount of data in a small space. Hence, data transfer speeds may slow down to a crawl.

For businesses, there are specific operations that may put an immense strain on data throughputs. These tasks include:

  • File sharing
  • Web conferencing
  • SIP trunking
  • Using Cloud apps
  • Streaming videos

Fiber optic Internet limits slowdowns of Internet speed, which might be more apparent in cable or DSL connections. As such, Romulus businesses can use Internet applications without worry of lags and latency issues for their Internet connections.

4. Symmetric Internet Speeds

Symmetric speeds offer almost equal or equal upload and download speeds. Cable and DSL connections may offer asymmetrical Internet speeds. Unequal rates may result in higher download speeds but slower upload connections. This scenario may not bode well for specific users. For example, online streamers may rely on fast upload speeds to make sure their videos don’t stutter for their viewers.

With fiber-optic Internet connections, if you apply for a 50 Mbps download speed, you may also get the same rate for uploads. Hence, residential and commercial users, especially in the Romulus, NY area can enjoy fast downloads and uploads. Furthermore, symmetric speeds allow users to accommodate substantial online activities while downloading and uploading simultaneously.

5. Quality Internet Use

Reliable ISPs offering fiber-optic Internet may provide better latency than supplying cable or DSL connections. Latency is a term for the delays occurring during data processing over an Internet connection.

Fiber Internet connection helps eliminate various latency issues to make way for better quality browsing. Also, excellent latency may provide:

  • High-quality VoIP services
  • Use more apps in the Cloud
  • Improved collaboration and messaging between employees in a company
  • Download and upload large files without disturbance
  • Stream high-quality video content without buffering issues


Internet users in Romulus, NY, aren’t the only people who can take advantage of fiber optic connections. Specific organizations may also use these cables for browsing the web. Another use that may be possible with fiber cables is detecting earthquakes

Opting for a fiber Internet connection over a cable or DSL service can help you gain the benefits listed above, and perhaps even more.

Written by Robin Khokhar
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  1. hi Robin Khokhar, you wrote very well about the fiber internet. I have experienced much faster internet speed and quality when I upgrade from copper to fiber internet.

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