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Firestick vs Roku: Which is better to use?

Introduction As and when there is an argument between an Amazon Fire Stick and Roku, it is possible that a normal tech-savvy...

firestick vs roku


As and when there is an argument between an Amazon Fire Stick and Roku, it is possible that a normal tech-savvy would not be able to say which is better? Whether Amazon Fire Stick or Roku both technologies are designed and developed in such a manner that makes them a viable option to access Spotify, Netflix, YouTube, and many more apps easily. Hence there is no need for cable on a TV for being entertained. Nevertheless, if you look closely there are several big differences. So without any further ado let’s start with it. Here you will be reading all the things you may ever need to know if in case you are stuck with the question FireStick vs Roku-Which is better to use?

1. Great Home Screen Navigation:-


Being in an orderly manner is a matter of choice but if it’s important to you, Rokua might be the best one to opt for. That is because it’ll allow you to get all the apps that you use very frequently on the home screen. In simpler words a feature that we have on our smartphones. For instance, we use Netflix most frequently so it’s the first app on the screen. Hence easing the access to frequently used apps on the screen according to preference. So there is no issue of wasting time looking for the app you need at the moment.

Fire Stick

Amazon Fire TV Stick provides easy home screen navigation too, but a bit differently. Different in a manner where recent and frequent apps are listed separately. So to open that particular app from that list a user will need to scroll down the main (Home) button.

2. Better Controls:- Firestick vs Roku

Whether Fire Stick or Roku both come with remote control for the TV, hence eliminating the need of switching TV remote and remote for controlling streaming devices.


The Roku remote comes equipped with a microphone button. Hence letting you search for any content and play them directly with a voice command. The remote has some very useful shortcut buttons which cannot be reconfigured for other channels. This feature is useless for the ones who don’t use channels.

Fire Stick

Well this one does not come with shortcut buttons but have a mute button instead. Apart from that, it can control any connected soundbar with the TV. But the catch is it controls only soundbars that are HDMI supported.

3. Voice Control

Roku works flawlessly with Alexa and Google both, however, Google doesn’t get quite along with Fire Stick. Luckily a user gets an option to control Roku and Fire Stick with voice commands. Nevertheless, whenever it is a debate Fire stick vs Roku: Which is better to use? It completely relies on which voice assistant you use at home.


Roku is the best choice to make when you have Google smart home speakers. It does not work with Fire Stick. But works absolutely fine with Alexa and Google. Launching apps and using a microphone makes the experience better.

Fire Stick

Nothing can be better than this for the ones who have Alexa smart speakers at home. The most ideal pick for a streaming device for the ones who have Amazon Alexa at home already installed. Just get to your house and see what it’s like, just like that. Even smarter play options such as when you say rewind 20 seconds the video will go back 20 seconds. What more one could ask for?

4. Elite Apps: Roku or FireStick?


Apart from streaming your favorite digital content FireStick and Roku have some games that could be played with family and friends. Both these streaming devices have numerous games on their official website available for one and all. On the other hand, it has fewer apps and games in comparison with Fire Stick. But Roku does have ad-covered series and movies. And finding suitable content for children is very easy. Hence if you like movies more than entertaining apps and games you might want to give Roku a shot.

Fire Stick

On-demand video service is remarkably entertaining but there is nothing that could replace cable TV entertainment. So you can watch the majority of the TV channels on Fire Stick. This streaming device has a number of other games and apps that it supports flawlessly. The games and apps on Fire Stick are even more known to majority users across the globe. What makes it even better? Being a Prime Member makes up for the rest of it.

End of the Line

In a debate where the question jumps in out of nowhere Fire stick vs Roku: Which is better to use?  The answer usually is that it depends on what you choose and feel is better for you. If you have just entered the streaming world, Roku is much simpler to use. On the contrary for the ones who have Amazon smart speakers at home along with Prime membership then you should go with a Fire Stick. If you are still not convinced about Firestick vs Roku: Which is better to use?  There are tons of streaming options to go with.


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    After reading this article I really learned a lot and very sure this article will definitely going to help many of us to decide what is better and what to choose. Keep sharing more similar and informative article.


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