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How To Fix The Repeated Web Design Mistakes?

Each one of us knows that mistakes are the part of life. We all happen to commit mistakes at some point in...

fix Web Design Mistakes

Each one of us knows that mistakes are the part of life. We all happen to commit mistakes at some point in time. It is no exception in the field of web designing and development. Today, you might be contented enough with the design of your website. But, when you evaluate further after some time. You may find some usual web design mistakes.

Now, the most potent question poses in front of you that how to avoid these errors! So, what are those common errors?

Certainly, a missed punctuation mark is not a matter of discussion here. It is all about web designing. We will discuss each of them in this post. So, read them carefully and find the perfect ways to fix them and make your website flawless.

  1. Weak Navigation

Nothing can be more favorable for site visitors than browsing site pages swiftly and freely. Therefore, you should not increase their burden by providing them a poorly crafted navigation. Each designer handles this issue in his or her own way. One includes pagination in the design while other go for a single page layout. Some may choose to incorporate varied filters that make customers’ search simpler. You should keep a sharp eye that which will work the best for your website.

  1. Designing Devoid Of A Grid

You sketched a superb design on a paper and started applying on the website without a solid plan. Wait! The concept might be quite powerful but you must forget that it is a mere skeleton without a grid. Always keep in mind that visual consistency allows visitors to browse from top to bottom without any hassle.

To avoid it, revise your initial design and try to get grid into the frame. This works the best as grid plays a pivotal role from text size to image spacing. It is in trend and functional enough to sketch web design with apparent grids. And, a variety of tools are available including Adobe’s Creative Cloud or UXPin to assist you in this process.

  1. Extra Modish Design

Each year, new styles of web design trends come into scene making the older ones obsolete. But, it is not essential that they will definitely work for you. Make sure you only adopt the latest trends, if they bring some value for your visitors. For instance, alternation in color effects might not be as worthy for you as it is for a fashion portal. Thus, you must analyze each potent aspect before finalizing things.

  1. Skipping Typography or Color Palette

Many designers keep a conception that it is enough to use close colors. They do not make efforts to opt the exact one. They should not forget that this is the era of style and brand. Without any denying, they both require wonderful typography and color palettes.

You will be happy to know that it is possible to mend this mistake even your website is live. The first step is to create a perfect palette for color. Choose one to three fonts and colors that will be part of your website design. Once you are done, it is time to replace the older ones in CSS with the newer ones. Thus, this will definitely turn your website into more professional and organized.

  1. Bad Use of Footer, Headers, and Sidebars

Usually, people think that footer, sidebar, and header are specifically designed for advertising purpose. However, it is a big no if you plan to showcase many banners and ads via your webpage, especially when you require to display only a little content with it. You can better utilize these areas along with additional navigation of the website. We do not mean to say that it is a wrong area to promote ads and banner. But, you should strike a balance between all elements of the website.

  1. Slow Website

Remember that slow website is the biggest sin you make with your business. Today, users have a multitude of options with them. And, a slow or fast website acts as one of the deciding factors. If your website is slow to load, it is one of the toughest jobs to fix it. It is quite tricky to explore the reasons that cause slow loading times. Meanwhile, you are working with the solution, offer an easy to load animation to make visitors spend some more time. After this, look for the root cause. Ensure that you have optimized video, images, and codes. You can get assistance from a good web design company for perfect results. And try to speed up your website.

Sometimes, leap second plays a fantastic role as users find themselves immersed in its story. This technique works great for the website that is a bit slower to load due to heavy video and content.


Avoid designing mistakes to decrease the bounce rate.

Final Words

The mistakes we discussed above are some common ones. You can save your business from falling by correcting them. Apart from them, there might be more that may cause a headache. The list of more possible errors includes too much attention to the home page, jumping to solution by skipping analysis or proceed without documentation. Whichever mistake you commit, follow right steps and you will overcome it easily. Best of luck in advance!

Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

6 Replies to “How To Fix The Repeated Web Design Mistakes?”

  1. Such a valuable post by you… While running a site, architect must take care about these mix-ups. I truly welcome you for this valuable post.


  2. Such a useful post by you… While running a website, designer must take care about these mistakes. I really appreciate you for this useful post.

  3. Hello Robin,
    You have rightly mentioned things one needs to avoid while designing his website. A perfectly designed website will get you all quality leads.
    Many people these days over design their website,but a over designed one will surely get your website lost against millions of other websites online which you have explained correctly.
    Its important to take care of the above things which you have included in your post to make a website perform better with your audience.

    Applause for the post.

  4. Hey Robin!

    These are great points you are hitting on man. Your web design is super important for its success online.

    If you are building a blog site, these are crucial things to take care of. Especially, now with Google RankBrain, UX (user-experience) is such an important factor for better search engine rankings.

    You must take care of these things and make sure you have a flawless web design in order to yield the results you are looking for.

    Thanks for sharing these tips!

    Best regards! 😀

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